Get your iPhone notch an extra job to represent battery status around it on iOS 13

Don’t deny it! The more the screen real estate, the better the smartphone looks. That’s why manufacturers are competing head-to-head to achieve the maximum screen-to-body ratio by trimming down the bezels on the sides.

Most of the people don’t know the pioneer of bezel-less smartphones. It is Aquos Crystal, launched by the Japanese titan Sharp Electronics Corp. With 78.5% screen-to-body ratio, the device could achieve a remarkable feat in August 2014, which no other brand bothered following until 2016.

Sharp Aquos Crystal no notch
Sharp Aquos Crystal (Source)

In October 2016, Xiaomi took the industry by storm with Mi Mix (83.6% screen). Since then, the phones are only getting narrow chins, foreheads and side bezels. While minimising, vendors found a way to allocate essential sensors and started marketeing it as a feature called notch.

We can now see numerous phones with notches of various shapes. On the contrary to the track record, even Apple was quick to hop on board. The customers approached the new design element with mixed feelings, though. However now, the hate settled down or at least that’s how it seems!

Have you ever thought of using your phone’s notch for a useful purpose? Don’t be surprised! You can show battery status around it (irrespective of the carving style). In case you are an Android user, you can use apps like NotchPie, Notch Battery Bar, or Battery Notch.

NotchPie notch

What about iPhone then? Well, we have found a new jailbreak tweak to represent battery level around the nick today. With the new update, it got complete support for iOS 13. But, the concerning fact is its limited support for checkra1n jailbreak. Have a look at the release note.

Partly compatible with the Checkra1n jailbreak (iOS 13), only works outside apps, update will come soon.
Please make sure to install the latest version of “libcolorpicker” from and “PreferenceLoader”.
*Compatible with all notched devices, the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR.
*Represent the battery precentage around the notch using a thin colored line.
*Option to choose a fixed color or have it automatically change from green to yellow to red (can be changed to any custom colors) as the battery drains.
*Pulse the BatteryNotch bar when charging.
*Option to use a thicker BatteryNotch bar.
*Have a yellow color when in Low Power Mode.
*Option to make the BatteryNotch bar always full, good if you want to differentiate battery levels only using color or just showing off the notch with cool RGB colors.
*Option to hide the stock battery indicator.

battery notch inline demo

It also displays battery percentage on the status bar. And as with most of the jailbreak tweaks, you have to pay a small amount ($1.50) to bag this one. If you want a free alternative, have a look at BatteryPercentX. Even so, it doesn’t support versions above iOS 12.4.

batterypercentx notch

Note:- Stay tuned to our iOS section for more jailbreak tweaks.

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