Rainbow Six Siege : Shifting Tides New Test Server update patch notes

Vaibhav Chawla Vaibhav Chawla Nov 23, 2019 Gaming, News

A new update for Rainbow Six Siege is currently rolling out on the test server. Speaking of Rainbow Six Siege, it is one of the most popular shooting games. Rainbow Six Siege game was released on December 1, 2015, but its popularity declined after the success of Fortnite Battle Royale.

Rainbow Six Siege has been developed by Ubisoft Montreal and has been published by Ubisoft. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege features 20 maps and five different gameplay modes.

The following list of modes are currently available to players: Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Tactical Realism, Terrorist hunt, Situations, and Outbreak. Today, a new update for the game has gone live on the test server. There is also a scheduled downtime for this update which has been mentioned below.

PC TS @ 1:30 PM EST / 18:30 UTC
Downtime: 30 min

Rainbow Six Siege update

The latest test server update has addressed many lingering issues and bugs. The new update has fixed the issue with Deployable Shields which players were able to pick up and deploy again even after they got destroyed by certain gadgets. Have a look at the test server update patch notes down below.



FIXED – Deployable shields can be picked up and deployed again after they are destroyed by certain gadgets


FIXED – Gadgets with an AOE VFX displays the feedback VFX again when the object support the gadget is removed or destroyed

FIXED – Ying Candela and pellets do not materialize properly in 1st person POV if they are thrown fully charged while aiming downwards

FIXED – Ying’s Candela’s eject SFX does not play when in a local custom game.

FIXED – Players are not flashed when a Candela is fully cooked and thrown for a short distance

FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei’s second explosion SFX can be muffled for defenders if it lands on the soft layer of a reinforced surface

FIXED – Kali’s Lv-Ei’s SFX can sometimes sound muffled

FIXED – When out of ammo, Kali’s animation for switching the zoom level on the CSRX300 does not cause the visual switch on the scope to move.

FIXED – Multiple Fuze Cluster Charges can be stacked by following certain steps

FIXED – Wamai’s fingers clip inside the gadget from 1st person POV

FIXED – Capitao’s firebolt dart remains visible for the duration of the AOE on local custom games.


FIXED – Various dynamic clipping and clipping issues.

FIXED – Various visual issues with assets

FIXED – Various minor destruction issues with map assets

FIXED – Sticky throwable gadgets can’t be destroyed or picked back up when thrown on the Box Tea asset in 2F CEO’s Office of Tower

Known Issues

  • FPS drops in an area around the turn table at 1F Art Studio of Villa while a drone is on the table
  • Freezing during loading screen
  • Invisible Gridlock Trax Stingers
  • Weapons visual popping when exiting rappel and switching weapons
  • Jackal can scan footsteps through walls
  • Destruction issues with certain floors and walls after being damaged
  • Yokai floats mid-air after destroying a hatch
  • UI health bar shows incorrect HP after exiting observation mode
  • Operator hitboxes can clip through reinforced walls and can be shot and take damage

Rainbow Six Siege

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