Native Linux & Raspberry Pi support for checkra1n jailbreak hinted by developer

Despite hitting the market first, iPhone comes behind Android in terms of popularity. We admit the price plays a significant role here. But, a Samsung or Huawei flagship user who can afford an iPhone will tell you the level of customisation or convenience is what brought them to Android.

Let’s set the convenience part aside because it is not really an issue after we get accustomed to the whole ecosystem of a device. However when it comes to the customisation, we can’t deny Android from bagging the pole position.

Android 10

Have you heard of Android rooting? It is an unofficial method of hacking into the filesystem in order to gain access to an advanced level of features. By going through it, an already customisable Android handset gets many more options for personalisation.

What if you want to get rid of the manufacturer-imposed restrictions on an iPhone or an iPad? Similar to Android rooting, you can jailbreak iOS. Even though the process is a bit risky, the final outcome will justify the path of peril.

When you set out for jailbreaking, you should know the company is not going to rectify the issues you end up bringing your device into. A jailbroken iPhone/iPad doesn’t come under warranty. For keeping menaces at bay, you need to choose the right tools.

checkra1n vulnerability

For example, checkra1n supports iOS 12.3 and up. Meaning, you must not use it to jailbreak devices running lower iterations of the platform. To recall, we have already broken the news to you that a Raspberry Pi Zero based open source checkra1n jailbreak dongle with screen is in works.

What attracted our eyes today is the announcement from a co-developer of checkra1n. He (or the team) is now working on the support for Raspberry Pi controller to jailbreak iDevices. But, hasn’t reached the final stage yet.

it’s not fully done yet, but we’re close. we had issues on the particular USB controller used by the rPI, and i found a workaround, but we still miss some minor details..

Don’t worry! We will update this post when the support officially goes live. In fact, you need to know that checkra1n needs your device to be in DFU (Device Firmware Mode) for it to work. You will see the instructions on opening the app.

Note:- Stay tuned to our iOS section for similar stories.

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