Apex Launcher Pro is showing invasive ads & users are justly pissed

Launchers let you lay out, organize and interact with apps on your Android device in various different ways. Every Android phone has one of these preinstalled, but over the years, Apex Launcher grew to become one of the best solutions for customizing Android smartphones.

Apex Launcher caters to the Android freaks who want full control over their home screen, set up multiple widgets, and probably do way more than just beautify their phones. These are the folks looking to make their home screen as efficient and effective as possible.

But lately, things haven’t been great with the Android Does Team-made app. In July 2018, Apex Launcher picked up its first software update to version 4.0 after a year hiatus, but it turned out a nightmare for users of the app.

Apex Launcher has a free and paid-for version

The company even tried rolling back to the previous v3, but the damage had already been done as some of the issues reported in the newer version 4.0 still managed to find their way to v3.

Fast-forward to November 2019 and even more grave issues are beginning to show up for those using the paid-for version of the Apex Launcher. Apparently, the app is now showing invasive ads that are redirecting users to yet another Android Does Team app in the Play Store called Privacy Browser.

Apex Launcher is now pushing scummy ads for a new browser. IMO, uninstall ASAP and report to the Play Store; this is too intrusive and a very scummy approach to trick the not-tech-savvy. Apex has injected itself in such a way that when you try to run Chrome or Firefox, a prompt appears with two options: The browser you expected or a “Privacy Browser” they “Recommand”. That bogus browser is to be installed from play store.

Privacy Browser app is developed by the Apex Launcher team (Source)

Besides access to more advanced features, the other major reason many people pay for Play Store apps is to avoid ads. But not even paying for the Apex Launcher will get you off the hook.

Affected users have stormed the Apex Launcher page on the Play Store to vent their anger at the Android Does Team for the latest development and honestly, their anger is justifiable.

Used Apex for years. But today, I tried to open my browser, and was forced to respond to an ad for a browser by apex’s developers before I could continue with my browser. Instead of saying, “recommended”… It said “recommand”. Sorry, but the launcher should NEVER hijack the user experience. So after years of using Apex, it’s over. I hope more people have this reaction, as well.

I’ve happily used Apex launcher for years, and bought pro for it as well. But today when trying to launch chrome. or Firefox, instead of launching my app I was presented an advertisement for another “RECCOMAND” app, “Privacy browser”. This is NOT ok. instead of launching programs like I want, a launcher I’ve paid for is giving me ads?! Heck. No. I’ve switched to a different launcher. sad to see this happen.

Apex Launcher Play Store reviews (Source)

As you can see from the screengrab above, the Play Store ratings of the Apex Launcher app have dropped to 1-star in the wake of the ads showing up in the Pro version, something that says a lot about how users feel about this move.

We will be keeping an eye on the story to let you know how the Android Does Team deals with this situation. Stay tuned.

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