[Workaround inside] Chinese iPhones show no internet connection after jailbreaking with checkra1n

Migrating from Android to iOS is not always a pleasant experience because the entire environment is different. Android users are so used to an advanced level of customisation that they can’t simply fathom the closed ecosystem of iOS.

‘If there’s a will, there’s a way’. And yeah, you can eliminate the brand-imposed restrictions on an iDevice by jailbreaking it. However, the Cupertino-based firm doesn’t want their gadgets to be jailbroken. So, they fix the loopholes with every overhaul.
ios 13 jailbreak

You have to carefully choose the exploits and tools for jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. Meaning, inattention may cost you your device. When something goes wrong, you won’t have Apple’s help (jailbreaking voids warranty).

As you know, iOS 13 (13.2.2 to be specific) is the latest iteration of the platform. Ever since it released, users were impatiently waiting for an exploit to sneak deep into the OS to have elated privileges. Guess what! checkra1n rose to the occasion.

But now, those who relied upon checkra1n to jailbreak their iDevices imported from China are getting a ‘no network error’. In case you are Chinese and you jailbroke your iPhone/iPad using this tool, you might see this problem. See a user concern below.

iPhone X China no internet connection
iPhones from China require you to grant permission for any app to access the internet. You get an error saying can’t access the internet and their is not option to allow the app to access the internet. (NOT A VPN ISSUE).

Internet connection error checkra1n

Are you experiencing this error? Even though you are not residing in China but use an iPhone or iPad purchased from there, you still find this issue bugging your device. What if I tell you there’re a couple of fixes? Check the manual solution below.

1. ssh into it (it’s running on usb on port 44, use iproxy)
2. rm /Library/Preferences/com.apple.networkextension.plist
3. killall -9 CommCenter

checkra1n unable to load solution

In case you don’t want to get your hands dirty with the snippets given above, use this tool instead. To recall, the issue is not exclusive to iOS 13. In the past, it had vexed iOS 11/12 users as well. Owing to the differences in the iterations, you can’t use a universal fix, though.

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