Pokemon Go new Buddy adventure feature allow players to interact with Pokemon

Vaibhav Chawla Vaibhav Chawla Nov 07, 2019 Gaming, News

Niantic is going to introduce a new feature named Buddy Adventure in the coming months. The upcoming Buddy Adventure feature will allow players to interact with their Pokemon, increasing an overall AR experience for players.

Niantic has sent a video to the Japanese press showcasing how this new feature will work.

Have a look at the video down below showcasing the new buddy feature. Under this feature, Pokemon will react with different emotions when you try to pat them. Pokemon Go fans are pretty excited for this feature and waiting for its arrival to the game.

Buddy Adventure will also allow provide players with a shared experience of seeing their real-world friends interacting with their buddy Pokemon in real-time. Buddy Adventure is a cross-platform feature.

Apart from this new Buddy feature, Pokemon Go will have an improved AR experience with the help of Occlusion technology. The current state of AR in Pokemon Go lacks the occlusion; it is an ability of AR subjects to move behind objects either partially or completely.

Pokemon Go is currently limited to mobile phones

The inclusion of Occlusion will create an immersive AR experience for Pokemon Go players.

Have a look at the video below demonstrating how the Occlusion works. Speaking of Occlusion, it utilizes a powerful computer vision where AR elements understand and interact with the real world and objects within them.

Niantic is also experimenting with ways in which multiple players on separate devices can interact with digital objects using real-time AR-networking. Niantic has also shared a video of two test case of experiments called Codename: Neon and Codename: Tonehenge. Have a look at the video below.

For a quick refresher, the Pokemon Go Week event has been announced for South Korea. It will start on November 14, 2019, and will stay live until November 17, 2019. The spawn rate of the following Pokemon will increase during the event: Mudkip, Carvanha, Lotad. Also, Unown and regional Pokemon, Illumise will spawn more during the event.

Pokemon Go Team Rocket

Also, a special premiere of Team Go Rocket is going to take place today on YouTube today. The premiere has been scheduled to take place on November 7, 2019, at 7 pm IST. It will possibly reveal more information about Team Go Rocket leaders and Giovanni.

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