Latest Samsung Galaxy Buds Update brings huge connection improvements

The era of wireless earphones is upon us. The 3.5mm headphone jack is as good as gone in 2019 and in response, phone makers are turning to wireless audio. Apple’s earpods are popular in many markets and Samsung’s take on these are the Galaxy Buds. 


But it has not been rosy in the Galaxy Buds camp, especially after the August software update. As per the changelog, this update was meant to improve the Bluetooth connection of the Buds to other devices, but it seemed to do the exact opposite.

Multiple cases have been reported through various platforms about an issue where one of the buds (mostly the right bud) won’t connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This wasn’t the case before the said update.



As you can see above, some users have already tried resetting both the phone and earbuds but this doesn’t fix the issue. Furthermore, there are cases where the affected earbud not only fails to connect, but it also fails to charge.


Today, Samsung is rolling out firmware version R170XXU0ASJ2 for the Galaxy Buds today. The update weighs in at just over 1MB. The changelog mentions that this update improves Bluetooth Connection through added fixes. And according to the forums, this is working.

Galaxy Buds update R170XXU0ASJ2 Changelog

Galaxy Buds users from across the globe have reported receiving this update. From Japan to Long Island to Germany and Costa Rica. All these users have reported a huge improvement in Bluetooth connection strength. One user says his audio would break up when his device was in his back pocket but with this update, now that issue is fixed.


In the Release notes published in Samsung’s Korean Community Forum, the moderator explains exactly how they came up with the fix.

Good morning. I’m in charge of Earbuds.

Galaxy Buds software update news.

Since applying the Bluetooth stabilization code in August, we have improved each of the remaining problems that have been reported one by one and updated them as follows.

This version is named R170XXU0ASJ2.

This FW Update is mainly aimed at improving potential problems in BT chipset. The focus was on securing connection stability.

It has been reported as a problem phenomenon in the members community, and we found and corrected the cause of some of the complaints.

Fixed an issue where only one side sounded when connecting to the phone from time to time.

In addition, a sudden abnormal noise (beep ~ sound) occurs, even if you disconnect the Bluetooth, the beep sound continues to continue the problem phenomena through a number of reproduction tests to find one cause and corrected.

In addition, please understand that we have focused on ensuring stability as mentioned above, including minor fixes.

I’ve created a very complete SW, but it’s not always enough to tell you, but at least … I’ve reduced the frequency of problem phenomena so much that I can tell you. There are few people, but I may be dissatisfied with me like that.

Unexplained abnormalities are sometimes found. (These things are so difficult …)

We advise you to take extra charges in the charging cradle as a temporary measure.

Please note that this is still a valid action in the new FW.

If the same problem persists after the temporary measures, please send the system log along with a detailed description of the situation and phenomenon through the Send Error menu in the members, and the related personnel can check it together. I hope.

There are many shortcomings, but we will continue to try to repay the members who are sending us members with a product that can be used with affection.

Thank you very much.

Thank you


Translated from Korean

Here’s to hoping more manufacturers do fix all the bugs in their products in these regular updates.

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