Pokemon Go : Giovanni (Team Rocket Boss) coming to game soon, data mined code reveals

Professor Willow has successfully intercepted the Team Go Rocket message, but he has not been able to open the file. He believes this encrypted message holds critical information about Team Go Rocket. These incoming messages hint that we may soon see the arrival of Team Go Rocket leaders to the game.


As Professor Willow tries to unravel Team Go Rocket Hideouts, data miners are digging up the Gamemaster files to reveal the upcoming content. Data miners have found Giovanni code in those files, which will arrive in the game soon.


On the other hand, Chrales, a popular Pokemon Go data miner, has revealed Giovanni avatar items, for both male and female characters. He has also revealed “Giovanni defeated” badges. Have a look at the leaked data down below.





Speaking of the Gamemaster file code, it also has details about the new Giovanni badge. It has three target levels, which require players to defeat Giovanni multiple times. Have a look at the target levels and Giovanni code down below.

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Defeat Giovanni once
Defeat Giovanni five times
Defeat Giovanni twenty times

“invasionNpcDisplaySettings”: {
“trainerName”: “combat_giovanni_name”,
“avatar”: {
“avatar”: 2
“trainerTitle”: “combat_giovanni_title”,
“trainerQuote”: “combat_giovanni_quote”,
“iconUrl”: “https://storage.googleapis.com/prod-public-images/Icon_Giovanni.png”,
“modelName”: “combat_giovanni”,
“tutorialOnLossString”: “type_tutorial_normal”,
“isMale”: true

Team Go Rocket
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The Gamemaster files also have code for Team Go Rocket leaders: Arlo, Sierra, and Cliff. According to the data mined code, Arlo specializes in Fire-types, Sierra in Flying Types, and Cliff in Water-types. Have a look at their character code down below.


Apart from that, the code for normal Team Go Rocket Grunts has also been spotted. The following Grunts have been found in the latest Gamemaster code: Decoy Male Female Grunts, Electric Male and Female Grunts and Ghost Male and Female Grunts.

For a quick refresher, Team Go Rocket made entry to the game in the month of July 2019, and their addition was well appreciated by fans. Earlier, Team Go Rocket Grunts invaded Pokestops with Shadow Pokemon. Players were required to defeat these Grunts, and save Shadow Pokemon.

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To save Shadow Pokemon, they need to be purified with a process called Purification. It requires a certain amount of Candy and Stardust to purify the Shadow Pokemon. Apart from this, Cobalion will appear in Raids starting today.

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket
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Cobalion is a Tier 5 Raid boss and will stay live in raids until November 26, 2019, at 1 p.m. PST. It is steel and fighting type Pokemon and weak against strong fire type, ground type, and fighting type Pokemon. Players can catch Cobalion in CP range ( 1649-1727).


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