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Clash Royale’s Season 5 update details have been revealed, and it has brought many new elements to the game. The tag line for Season 5 is the Great Goblin Feast. Clash Royale is one of the most popular games, and it was released on March 2, 2016.

Since then, the game has been running strong and has a pretty large community.

Goblins have taken over the Royale Kingdom to celebrate the annual feast for this season. Clash Royale Season 5 has also introduced an all-new Pass Royale to the game. The introduction of new Pass Royale to the game means players will get new rewards.

Have a look at the new Season 5 Pass Royale Rewards.

Clash Royale Season 5

  • Exclusive Season 5 Party Hut Tower Skin & Dart Goblin Emote!
  • 35 Pass Royale Reward Tiers to unlock!
  • 35 Free Reward Tiers to unlock!
  • Bonus Bank!

Clash Royale Season 5

Clash Royale Season 5 Great Goblin Feast will take place in the Legendary arena where goblins will join the party and create a fun gaming experience for players. The latest patch has also added Mega Touchdown, for players.

Clash Royale Season 5

This new game mode will become the prime method to play Touchdown in Challenges. ‘Mega Deck’ building rules will be followed under this new game mode. Complete details regarding the Mega Touchdown have been detailed below.


  • New Game Mode! This will become the primary way to play Touchdown in Challenges.
  • Follows Mega Deck building rules – 18 card decks built by you!
  • 2x Elixir

 Click/tap to zoom
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Mega Touchdown Pro Tips

  • Include 3-5 Building targeting Troops
  • Include 2-4 Buildings to defend
  • You don’t need many Spells, 2 or 3 will do the trick!
Clash Royale
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Tiebreakers, which were introduced in the last update, have also been extended to 1v1 ladder matches. This means Tiebreakers are now available for all game modes. Tiebreakers aim to reduce draws by allowing the person with the highest Tower hitpoints left at the end of the match to win.

Clash Royale
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Players can now have Elixir Golem card from Chests of Electro Valley ( Arena 11). Heal is now available to unlock in Hog Mountain (Arena 10). Players can also unlock Royal Hogs in Royal Arena (Arena 7). There are also some modifications for 2V2 Touchdowns, which have been detailed below.

  • Draft choices have been updated!
  • Each player guaranteed 2 ‘Runners’ (very fast troops/building targeters)
  • Each player guaranteed 1 Building card, with a chance for a 2nd
  • Elixir per player increased 70% -> 100%




Removed Area Damage
Hit Speed reduced: 1.4sec > 1.7sec
Slower first Skeleton spawn: 1sec -> 3.5sec
Mass increased: 100% (no longer pushed by Skeletons)

Elixir Golem

Hitpoints: -10%
Affects all forms (Elixir Golem, Elixir Golemite, Elixir Blob)

Wall Breakers

Damage: -19%
Area Damage Radius reduced: 2.0 > 1.5
Deploy slightly further apart


Hook Range reduced: 7 > 6
Hook Charge Time increased: 1sec > 1.1sec


Max Range: 4.5 > 5
Hit Speed reduced: 2.5sec > 2.7sec
Axe Radius: -20%
Axe Hover Time increased: 1.0s -> 1.2

Barbarian Barrel

Damage: +8%

Baby Dragon

Hitpoints: -4.5%

Clash Royale
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Update 1 (Nov 04)

Maintenance has started.

We’re heading into maintenance to launch the Season 5 balance changes!


We are also fixing a bug that causes a crash in the Lumberjack Rush Party mode.

Be back soon! ?️

Update 2 (Nov 04)

Maintenance is over, and Season 5 is now live.

We’re back online! Good luck in Season 5 ?

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