For all the fans that started watching My hero academia Season 4 without following the manga, I wanted to brief you on the background story and the overpowered quirk of Overhaul.

(Please take caution, there may be some spoilers for fans following only the Anime)

Kai Chisaki, also known by his villain name “Overhaul”, is a major antagonist in the manga/anime series My Hero Academia; serving as the main antagonist of the Shie Hassaikai Arc.

He is the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, a Yakuza organization comprised of villainous Quirk-users. A Yakuza is an organized crime syndicate originating in Japan. Chisaki was a young street child taken in by the Yakuza’s boss.


Following, the advent of quirks and the rise of heroes, the Yakuza have been systematically driven to the shadows.

Determined to repay the favor made by the Yakuza’s boss, Chiaski has made it his goal to restore the Yakuza to their former glory. He believes quirks are infections that need to be cured, and that it is his mission to free the society from this sickness.

Following the defeat of All For One, Chisaki believes he is fated to become the next leader of the criminal underworld. With this in mind, he challenges Tomura Shigraki and his league of villains.

During this confrontation, we see his overpowered quirk at work. Overhaul has one of the most powerful and versatile quirks in My Hero Academia world.


Chisaki’s Quirk allows him to disassemble and reassemble anyone/anything through physical contact. He is able to damage or kill people instantly with this Quirk. This was shown when he was able to only destroy Mr. Compress’ arm, while he utterly destroyed Magne.

He is also capable of reviving people from the dead with this Quirk. On top of that, he is also able to use his quirk as a means of fusing with others.

In short, he has the most overpowered quirk and a singular objective of restoring the Yakuza. Consequently, he will not hesitate to eliminate any obstacle in his way making him the most fearsome villain.

For all the fans following only the anime, I don’t want to spoil too much end my article here. What’s your take on this? Drop a comment and share it with us.

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