MIUI from Xiaomi is one of the most advanced and feature-packed Android skins we have today. It has slowly evolved and matured over the years and it enjoys immense support and a cult-like following from fans, developers and enthusiasts alike.

So much so, that a little tweak like a different style battery indicator gets people going.

In the newest update of the skin, MIUI 11, Xiaomi is tweaking a few aspects of the interface and with that, the battery icon indicator is getting a redesign.

This move has elicited mixed reactions from users. Opinion on xiaomi.eu is split between a faction that likes the new icon and one that is really hung up on the old one that comes with MIUI 10 and the other preceding iterations.

The old pill-shaped MIUI 10 battery indicator

Matter of fact, current xiaomi.eu builds actually come with the legacy icon as shown above.

The new MIUI 11 battery indicator

MIUI 11 is beginning to roll out for a bunch of devices and users that strongly dislike the new battery indicator on the new MIUI don’t have to live with it if they don’t want to.

This is thanks to a Magisk module available on XDA. The package by recognized contributor and themer, AL_IRAQUI allows users to toggle between the MIUI 11 and the MIUI 10 icons with ease, provided they’re running MIUI 11 based on Android 10 (yes, Pie based builds are not compatible).

How to toggle between MIUI 10-style battery indicator and MIUI 11-style indicator

You will need to know your way around Root to do this.

  1. Download this Drive Folder containing the mod tools
  2. Install Magisk on your rooted device running MIUI 11
  3. Install Module with Magisk, then reboot

To revert back, simply open Magisk, remove the module from Magisk and reboot. Everything should be back to the previous state.

Quick and Dirty way to get back the old-style battery indicator

This Magisk way isn’t the only way to get back the old-style battery indicator. If you feel a little more adventurous and are comfortable meddling with system files, there is an ‘experimental’ quick-and-dirty way to do this. ‘Experimental’ because not everyone that has done this has had success.

  • Install the old firmware with newer battery icons (or download the corresponding MiuiSystemUI.apk)
  • adb pull /system/priv-app/MiuiSystemUI/MiuiSystemUI.apk
  • Install the new firmware with the older battery icons
  • Copy from point 2. -> “MiuiSystemUI.apk” to “/system/priv-app/MiuiSystemUI/MiuiSystemUI.apk”
  • Overwrite the old one (root explorer or twrp -> /system must be mounted as r/w)
  • Your phone will crash most likely crash. Hit the power button for around 15 seconds
  • Reboot

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    Change can be uncomfortable. This might appear to be a small and unassuming icon but to some people, it might make or break their experience with their Xiaomi device. Thankfully, it is Android we are talking about and everything can be tweaked.

    This simple tweak is made possible by the power of Android, the customizability that comes with the platform and the power of the open-source software development. We can only hope to see more of these tweaks on Android.

    Because these tweaks add up to enable Android users to make their devices truly theirs.

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