Apex Legends October 25 Patch Notes: Charge Rifle Nerfed again

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Oct 26, 2019 Gaming, News

Apex Legends Season 3 brought a new weapon to the game – The Charge Rifle. The weapon was much too powerful than the other sniper rifles in the game and this made the players furious and asked the devs to fix the weapon.

Respawn listened to the players and the dev tracker was updated with the task of rebalancing the weapon. While it was still not clear how the weapon would be nerfed. While some players suggested a straight up damage nerf while others suggested a longer charge up time.

Apex Legends: Should Charge Rifle be nerfed?
Apex Legends Season 3

October 17 server patch was aimed to apply nerfs to the Charge Rifle. But it had almost no effect on the weapon and it was still too powerful.

In the October 17 patch, the following changes were made to the Charge Rifle –

    • Increasing amount of ammo used per shot 
    • Changing the mag size
      • No Extended Mag = 9 Ammo (3 Shots)
      • Level 1 Extended Mag = 12 Ammo (4 Shots)
      • Level 2 Extended Mag = 15 Ammo (5 Shots)
      • Level 3 Extended Mag = 18 Ammo (6 Shots)
    • Slightly bringing in fall-off damage

Apex Legends October 25 Patch Notes: Charge Rifle Nerfed again!

But even with these nerfs the weapon was much too powerful. Therefore, devs have come out with yet another update and nerfed the weapon with this patch as well. The update which came on October 25 came with a big Charge Rifle nerfs.

The update contained the following nerfs for the Charge Rifle –

  • Charge Rifle can no longer equip extended energy magazines
  • Base magazine capacity is now 12 (4 shots)
  • Fire rate reduced (increased time in between shots) – From 1.1 shots/sec to 0.95 shots/sec
  • Damage falloff has been modified.
    • 90 dmg @ 150m decaying to 30 dmg @ 400m 

Apex Legends: October 17 patch has almost no affect in the game

The update hit the weapon hard and this nerf should show some tangible effects in the game.

The update also introduced the double XP weekend. You can find the details here –

From 10am PST on October 25 through 10am PST on October 28 players will earn double XP for Top 5’s and Wins all weekend long. This bonus will affect both Account Level and Battle Pass progression.

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What do you think about the Apex Legends update and the Charge Rifle nerfs? Let us know in the comment section below!

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