[Update: Whitelisted] OnePlus 7T incompatible with Verizon at this moment, but the scenario will change soon

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If you have plans of using the OnePlus 7T on Verizon Wireless, you might want to hold back until later on to grab the phone and actually get to use it on the largest network in the U.S.

OnePlus started officially selling its phones in the U.S. with the arrival of OnePlus 6T on T-Mobile. Since then, the telco has been the sole carrier of OnePlus phones in the U.S. Ummm, remember what T-Mobile CEO Jonh Legere said about exclusive smartphone deals by carriers?

OnePlus also has an official U.S. online store that sells unlocked handsets for those who aren’t using T-Mobile and would still like to have one of them beasts. The latest to come into the picture is the OnePlus 7T, which starts selling on Magenta tomorrow, October 18.

Naturally, non-T-Mobile fans of OnePlus looking forward to the arrival of the 7T in the country are curious to know if the phone will work on their preferred carrier, Verizon Wireless.

Questions about using OnePlus 7T on Verizon are flocking the Big Red’s Twitter account and even more similar queries are popping up through OnePlus forums.


Apparently, the OnePlus 7T is nowhere in Verizon’s smartphone database, which means that at the moment, the device cannot be activated and used on the network.

Greetings, I bought my 7T from NYC pop Up Event. When I called Verizon to activate the phone on the Verizon Network they do not see the IMEI 1/2 on their website database. Can someone, please help me with this?

On the brighter side, the company says using OnePlus 7T on Verizon Wireless should be possible beginning October 18, which is when T-Mobile will begin selling it officially.

It’s unclear if the unlocked OnePlus 7T will support Verizon out of the box or whether someone will have to pull a few tricks in order to get going.

I reached out to our US colleague and get a reply that the Verizon SIM will be working fine on Oct 18.

OnePlus notes that unless you are buying a T-Mobile variant of the 7T, the unlocked model should play nicely with Verizon. In fact, you don’t even need to call Verizon support to set it up since the whole process is automatic.

Other SIM cards can not be used on a TMO device, hence the suggestion is to return the device and buy a standard version or use a TMO card. If the device is standard version, you don’t need to activate the phone on Verizon network, it will be detected automatically once the SIM card is inserted.

To recall, the OnePlus 6T had a similar scenario when it arrived a year ago, but the device was brought on board the Verizon ship at a later time. So, even if OnePlus 7T is showing early signs of incompatibility with Verizon, the issue should be addressed sooner than later.

Update (October 19)

Verizon whitelisted the OnePlus 7T on their network a few hours ago. In fact, the phone is now part of their Open Development website. Thanks Goutam Kundu (@Real_Goutam) for the tip!


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