[UPDATED]Apex Legends: October 17 Server Patch

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Oct 18, 2019 Gaming, News

Apex Legends Season 3 brought a new weapon to the game – The Charge Rifle. With a lot of debate going into the matter, the player base has agreed that the weapon is broken at the present moment.

Respawn confirmed this and the dev tracker was updated with the task of rebalancing the weapon. While it was still not clear how the weapon would be nerfed. While some players suggested a straight up damage nerf while others suggested a longer charge up time.

Apex Legends: Season 3 Patch notes

Respawn’s community manager commented on the matter and said – “So with the Charge Rifle, this won’t be a straight forward damage nerf, We’ll be increasing the amount of ammo that is used per shot, changing the mag size for it, and also bringing in a bit of the falloff damage.”

Apex Legends – October 17 Server Patch

Today, Apex Legends twitter handle tweeted that the devs would be pushing a server patch update which will include the Charge Rifle Nerf. This was a necessary update to be done quickly as the state in which the weapon is only means that the ranked matches would get affected.

Take a look at the tweet below –

Apex Legends – October 17 Server Patch

The update will also push a patch for the dropship quip bug. The bug was allowing players to use their quips while in the dropship. The bug made it unbearable for some players as 60 players would use their quips.

Also in the update, the Initial circle issues would be handled as well. As we all know, Season 3 brought the new map – World’s Edge to Apex Legends. The new map however was bigger than the previous one – the Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends-image1


But with the new map change, the devs did not accommodate the initial ring size for the game. The ring size was the same which made players sometimes run to the other end of the map depleting them of all healing items and making them a weak target.

The full patch notes are out and the changes to the game are as follows –

  • Quips during Drop Ship
  • Initial Circle Fixed (Won’t get caught outside the circle when it starts)
  • Charge Rifle Update
    • Increasing amount of ammo used per shot 
    • Changing the mag size
      • No Extended Mag = 9 Ammo (3 Shots)
      • Level 1 Extended Mag = 12 Ammo (4 Shots)
      • Level 2 Extended Mag = 15 Ammo (5 Shots)
      • Level 3 Extended Mag = 18 Ammo (6 Shots)
    • Slightly bringing in fall-off damage 


Apex Legends – October 17 Server Patch

What do you think about this Apex Legends server patch? Let us know in the comment section below!

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