Fortnite: Everything we know about The End event

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Oct 14, 2019 Gaming, News

Fortnite players are in a shock right now. The End event of the popular Battle Royale game has left players in awe after the cinematic event which hit the game on October 13. Here’s what we know about the event and the cinematic so far –

The End event which marked the start of the leaked Chapter 2 of the popular Battle Royale hit a snag when the cinematic which was expected by players to start off a new chapter in Fortnite went south. The cinematic showed the players the destruction of the map and the whole map being sucked into a black hole.

Fortnite: Everything we know about The End event

Take a look the event cinematic below –

The cinematic event caused players to be stuck in the lobby, but the devs had the event for the players stuck in the lobby screen as well. The lobby went dark and was sucked in mysterious darkness. You can watch the lobby cinematic event here –

The event saw Dusty Depot countdown hit zero which opened up a mysterious rift which brought down rockets on the whole map. The rockets destroyed everything before colliding into the meteor making it vanish from the map.

Then again, after a short while, the rift opened again and this time, the meteor and the rockets were slammed in the centre of the map releasing a Black Hole, sucking everything into it creating a circle floating in pitch darkness.

Fortnite: Everything we know about The End event

After the event, the game was literally deleted from everywhere, the Epic Games website doesn’t show the game, all the public profiles for the game went dark and it seems like they also have deleted the game from every social media platform.

The official discord servers had all the channels removed, the twitter went dark with all the tweets deleted and only the live stream for the event is up there. The official website is also deleted and instead there is a live streaming of the Black hole up there instead.

Fortnite: Everything we know about The End event

These all point out at Fortnite being deleted by the publishers, but it’s opposite than that, the game will be coming out with a new map and all new meta in the Season 11 which is going to happen next.

There have been quite a few leaks about the new map but it still seems anything is possible with the way Epic has presented The End event.

Fortnite: Everything we know about The End event

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