Clash Royale Season 4 update : New Card Elixir Golem, Shocktober, New Pass Royale Tier Rewards, Bonus Bank, and more

A new update for the Clash Royale game has gone live. The latest update to the game has brought in a lot of new features and enhancements to the game. Clash Royale is a very popular mobile game, and it was released on March 2, 2016. Since then, the game has been running strong and has a large community. Today, Season 4 of Clash Royale has gone live, let us have a look at its new features, changes down below.

Season 4 of Clash Royale is celebrating Halloween with Shocktober. Spooky and strange things have taken over the Clash Royale Kingdom. Clash Royale Season 4 also features new tier rewards for both Pass Royale and free users.

Clash Royale Season 4

There are a total of 35 Pass Royale Tiers Rewards for players to unlock. There are also 35 Free Reward Tiers for free users. Clash Royale Season 4 also features Jack-o’-Lantern Tower Skin and Shocktober Emote. Season 4 Pass Royale includes the following rewards :

Clash Royale Season 4

Unique Tower Skin & Emote
40,000 Gold
6 x Pass Royale Lightning Chest
3 x Rare Pass Royale Lightning Chest (guaranteed Rare cards!)
4 x Epic Pass Royale Lightning Chest (guaranteed Epic cards!)
4 Trade Tokens
Up to 7 Strikes per chest*
1 Legendary Chest!

The owners of Pass Royale will instantly unlock the following perks.

Unlimited re-entries and continues for Special Challenges
Automatic chest unlocking (queue your next chest to start unlocking!)
Strikes for all Pass Royale & Crown Chests
An exclusive Pass Royale golden name
Gifts for Clanmates

Clash Royale Season 4
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Clash Royale Season 4 also features a new card, Elixir Golem, which is all set to create a spooky environment in the new Shocktober Arena. Speaking of Elixir Golem, it is a 3-cost Rare card available to unlock in Spooky Town.

Clash Royale Season 4

Elixir Golem is a unique card that gives you the damage and health of an 8-cost card for just 3 Elixir! Once destroyed, Elixir Golem splits into 2 Elixir Golemites, which further split into 4 Elixir Blobs. Once an Elixir Blob is destroyed, it gives 1 Elixir to your opponent!

Players can unlock Elixir Golem in a challenge on October 11. The new update also features new Shocktober Emotes in the shop. The latest update also includes Bonus Bank, which lets you earn rewards after the completion of the Battle Pass Royale Tiers.

Clash Royale Season 4

After you complete all Reward Tiers, every 10 crowns you collect will net you 250 Bonus Bank Gold. The maximum Gold you can earn towards your Bonus Bank is 10 000. Bonus Bank Gold can be claimed when the season ends.

Clash Royale has also brought some changes to the Witch card. All the changes that have been incorporated in the latest update of Clash Royale have been detailed below.


Hitpoints: -12%
Damage: +220%
Hit Speed: -40%
Splash: -45%

Clash Royale Season 4
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Changes to spawned Skeletons

Spawns 4 skeletons around the Witch
Spawn Time slower 5sec > 7sec
No longer spawns Skeletons when destroyed

Night Witch

Bats spawned when destroyed: 2 > 4

Wall Breakers

Elixir cost: 3 > 2
Damage: -10%
Mass: +100%


Damage: -6%
Hitpoints: -5%


Damage: +2%


Knockback: -17%

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