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Popular third party app installer and iOS jailbreak alternative TweakBox is currently seeming to be acting glitchy. Users are taking to social media platforms like Twitter to complain problems like apps (such as Spotify++) not installing and revoked access.

Here are some reports:

FWIW, this is what Tweakbox had said earlier this week:

Moving on, even the Tutu app installer is broken. Take a look at some reports:

For its part, teams behind both Tutu and TweakBox haven’t said anything on the matter yet. But we’re keeping an active tab, so if you are affected, keep checking back for latest updates.

Update 1

Team Tutu app has now said this:

Update 2

Apple released the much awaited iOS 12.1.4 yesterday. It might be possible the new OS broke these third party app installers.

Update 3

As an alternative, we’d suggest trying AppValley (@appvalley_vip on Twitter). They have many of the apps that are popular on TweakBox. Do let us know your experience in case you give App Valley a try.

Meanwhile, here’s another user-suggested alternative:

Update 4

Contrary to what we thought earlier, looks like this TweakBox app revoked issue has nothing to do with the latest iOS 12.1.4 update.

Update 5

Looks like the issues have been fixed by the team.

Let us know in the comments section below if you still face any problem.

Update 6

Some users are still facing issues with apps installation. Here are a few reports:

If you are also affected, we suggest you try the following workaround:

Update 7

TweakBox also suggests you do a restart in case you are still facing problems.

Update 8

In a new development, TweakBox suggests users to download apps again.

The team also suggested one affected to user to use VPN.

And the workaround seems to be working for some.

Update 9

TweakBox has now confirmed the problem is at their end, specifically with their CDN company.

Update 10 (February 11)

Update 11 (February 13)

TweakBox is again acting glitchy.

The team behind TweakBox says:

Update 12 (February 28)

TuTuApp and Tweakbox are experiencing issues for the second time today as users complain about inability to download and install apps. More info here.

Update 13 (July 16)

Tweakbox users are again complaining about apps not working. You can take a look at a long string of complaints here.

For its part, the official Tweakbox Twitter account had tweeted the following a few hours ago:

However, latest comments from users suggest these steps aren’t helpful. Here’s an example:

Update 14 (July 16)

Well, a couple of hours ago, Tweakbox fixed the issue and said apps can be downloaded again, but we are again seeing user reports that say apps have been revoked again.

Update 15 (July 18)

Aaaand the problem continues. Tweakbox apps have been revoked again on iOS, and the developer is suggesting users to wait for sometime. Meanwhile, as a workaround, here’s what Tweakbox has shared:

When apps are down you can use (link: and install apps using your PC/Mac, there is a tutorial on the site. + A nice update is coming to it

Competitors meanwhile are making the most out of this situation:


Update 15 (July 19)

A Tweakbox tweet from a few hours ago suggested users have to wait for some more time before apps are back, but the latest tweet – although cryptic in nature – indicates the issue is almost about to get over.

Update 16 (July 19)

The issue is finally fixed. Here is what Tweakbox said a few hours ago:

It’s fixed.
Delete old apps and reinstall new apps!
Settings ➜ General ➜ Profiles & Device Management ➜ Enterprise App ➜ Trust
Thanks for the patience

However, there are still some hiccups. See this and this.

Update 17 (July 22)

We just woke up and found Twekabox has again been experiencing issues since yesterday.


Update 18 (July 25)

The apps have been revoked again. While a fix is being worked on, Tweakbox suggests not to close any already open apps. They also recommend using SideloadBox. More details here.

Update 19 (July 31)

Tweakbox users are again reporting issues today. While the developer says apps have been fixed:

Apps fixed!
Delete old apps and reinstall new ones!
Settings ➜ General ➜ Profiles & Device Management ➜ Enterprise App ➜ Trust

Complaints are still pouring in.

Update 20 (August 07)

Tweakbox is again experiencing issues as apps got revoked a few hours ago. Although the developer claimed they have fixed the problem, users continue to complain.

Update 21 (August 15)

Tweakbox Twitter account has confirmed apps have been revoked again. Meanwhile, here’s a workaround.

Update 22 (August 16)

The issue has now been resolved.

*AHEM* fixed *AHEM*
Delete old apps and reinstall them!
Settings ➜ General ➜ Profiles & Device Management ➜ Enterprise App ➜ Trust

Update 23 (August 23)

Looks like Tweakbox is again having issues. Here’s what the team said through their official Twitter account:

Or maybe not. Something is broken, we are on it

Update 24 (August 24)

The problem hasn’t been fixed yet, and looks like it may take some more time. Here’s the latest status offered by team Tweakbox:

Just for real, its so late and we have been up trying to fix this since the revoke, I don’t know how many hours, but we will get it fixed soon, just hang on tight please

Update 25 (August 25)

While the issue was fixed yesterday, it’s now coming to light the apps have been revoked again.

Update 26 (August 26)

Although the apps revoke issue was fixed a few hours ago, a new problem has come to light where-in random apps are being installed on users phone instead of the one they are requesting.


As you can see in the screenshot above, Tweakbox says it’s looking into the problem.

Update 27 (August 26)

More bad news, apps have been revoked again.

Update 28 (August 26)

Tweakbox says the issue they are currently facing isn’t common, but they are working on a fix.

This is not common, but we know what it is, just takes a bit of patience and pushing through it together

Update 29 (August 26)

The apps revoke issue has been fixed.

Update 30 (August 30)

Apps have been revoked yet again.

Update 31 (August 30)

The apps revoke issue has now been fixed. Users are suggested to reinstall them.

Dank Spaghetti!
Apps are fixed, you may reinstall them now, sorry for the wait. ❤️?

Update 32 (September 02)

Tweakbox apps have been revoked once again.

Update 33 (September 03)

The latest revoke issue has been fixed. See here.

Update 34 (September 05)

Tweakbox app’s official Twitter account has been suspended. We are not sure about the reason as yet, but are looking for more information on this.

Update 35 (September 05)

Well well, Tweakbox is in a legal trouble this time. Complete story here.

Update 36 (September 12)

A different Tweakbox app account (different from the official one that got suspended) has now acknowledged the app revoke issue, saying they are working to fix. How legit is this account, their claim and whether it’s operated by the actual Tweakbox app team, there’s no confirmation about it.


Update 37 (September 13)

Regarding the revoked apps issue, Tweakbox’s new twitter account has confirmed it’s their official account and says:

Apps revoked ?

Whe have some problems in our servers (apps not installing or downloading)
We are still working to fix it,
Please follow the official TweakBox account to get updated


Update 37 (September 13)

Still having issues downloading apps? Here’s what the devs have to say:

Guys still having a problem with downloading the apps ?

If you have any problem please let us know where you from? ??

Update 38 (September 18)

Apps continue to stay revoked, but the devs say they’ve got something new coming for the Tweakbox family.

We are still currently revoked at the time ? But we’ve got something New coming to TBA for the TweakBoxFam?

Update 39 (September 20)

So something is coming, but what exactly? Well, we’ll have to wait to see that.



Update 40 (September 23)

As for the latest development of the matter, the devs recently said:

The team is working very hard to get all apps back that you guys love so please be patient ?

Update 41 (September 26)

Another status update, but no good news as yet.

The Team is still working on it don’t worry guys we won’t let y’all down

Update 42 (September 29)

Still no good news to share.

I know we haven’t been there for the past weeks, im very sorry, you know, it is so hard not keeping up with what you consider such a big part of your life


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