Apex Legends Season 3: New teaser possibly hints release date of new map

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Sep 26, 2019 Gaming, News

Respawn has been playing with teasers for its Season 3 and with October 1 closing in, we are getting more teasers from Respawn for the Apex Legends Season 3. In the latest teaser, the devs may be teasing the release date for the new map as suspected by a lot of players.

Apex Legends community is hyped since the release of Season 2 when the devs stepped on the gas pedal and provided a much needed content boost to kick the game back into the competitive BR scene.

Apex Legends – Fan theory suggests planet change in Season 3!
Apex Legends – Fan theory suggests planet change in Season 3

With the new events, town takeovers and lores for the legends, the studio made sure the players remained hooked on the game and the studio also kept the players on the edge as well.

For the latest lore, we have Crypto who will be released in the new Season which kicks off in the coming week on October 01. The early in-game teaser for the Crypto had shown the hacker trying to hack the game itself but failed.

But it seems that Crypto has actually managed to hack into the games successfully and is now decrypting some files.

Yesterday, Apex Legends’ official Twitter handle released a new GIF which shows exactly the same thing as teased previously, but this time, the hacker has been able to grant himself the access he needed. Take a look at the tweet here –

Apex Legends Twitter posted another teaser in their official bio updating the progress of the decryption process which is now at 65% complete with the account’s banner picture showing the BNR-OS key decryption at 75%. It seems that Respawn has been planning something big when the decryption hits 100%.

Players have been speculating an entire new map in Season 3 instead of map changes. This speculation got a lot of wind with the recent release of a message from Crypto to someone named Mystic. The message clearly indicated Crypto’s intentions and how he will hitch a ride to New Dawn to find evidence.

Apex Legends New Weapon
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But the interesting part is, Crypto will be riding the dropship to New Dawn which means it’s highly possible that we will get a new map in Season 3. Coupled with this teaser showing up on Twitter account it seems that devs are gonna reveal the new map once the decryption hits 100%. We may get a brand new trailer as well.

Whatever the case, we will soon see what Crypto is up to in Season 3. What are your thoughts about the teaser? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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