[Updated] Pokemon Go : Ditto Disguises list 2019

Vaibhav Chawla Vaibhav Chawla Sep 24, 2019 Gaming, News

Niantic added the Generation 5 Pokemon to Pokemon Go on September, 16. Along with the new Pokemon, Niantic also added Unova Stone to the game. Unova Stone can be used by players to evolve specific Generation 5 Pokemon.

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But amid the arrival of Generation 5 Pokemon, Kanto region Pokemon, Ditto has received new disguise forms. Speaking of Ditto, it is a Pokemon from the Kanto region which can transform into any other Pokemon. Players can encounter Ditto in the wild in the form of various other Pokemon which have been listed below:

1) Bidoof
3) Hoppip
4) Numel
5) Skitty
6) Weedle
7) Spinarak
8) Gulpin
9) Hoothoot
10) Paras
11) Ledyba
12) Venonat
13) Remoraid
14) Whismur

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Well, Ditto is not rare, but it is difficult to catch this Pokemon due to ignorance of the players. Sometimes players see a Pokemon like Paras which they don’t want to catch, but it turns out as a Ditto disguised as that unwanted Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event
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Apart from this, week three of Ultra Bonus event is ending today. The third week of the Ultra Bonus event has brought Mewtwo as Tier 5 Raid Boss. As mentioned above, The Ultra Bonus event week three also introduced Generation 5 Pokemon to the game.

Altered Giratina Forms will be available in raids starting from September 23, 2019 at 1 p.m. PDT to October 17, 2019 at 1 pm PDT.

Giratina Counters
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Altered Giratina will also feature during Legendary Raid Hour, which will take place on September 25, 2019 from 6 pm to 7 pm in your local time zone.

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If you are lucky, you may encounter Shiny Altered Forme Giratina. The Giratina is good for PVP battles as it has an impressive defensive stats.

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Being a dragon-ghost type Pokemon, it is weak against strong Dragon-type, Ghost-type, Dark-type, and Ice-Type Pokemon. The best counters of Giratina are Latios, Mewtwo ( Shadow Ball), Dragonite, Palkia.

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