New PUBG PC update (v4.3) to be released on test servers soon

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Sep 19, 2019 Gaming, News

PUBG PC has been one of the most played Battle Royale in the history of First Person Shooters. While the game continues to be plagued with multiple issues, the developers still have managed to deliver smooth gameplay.

To curb the bugs on live servers, PUBG PC had earlier released test servers on which new features and patches are tested and data is collected before the update is finally released on the live servers.

PUBG PC – New Update v4.3 to be released soon on test servers

With Season 4 of PUBG PC underway, the developers have finally released the information on the new update which they will be rolling out soon on the test servers. The new 4.3 update mainly includes a new shotgun, new Survival Mastery feature and a new progression system.

The new feature, Survival Mastery is all about the not-so-killer aspects of the players. The players will earn XP according to their Survival Patterns. The XP will now be also awarded for looting, using items in combat and reviving a teammate excluding the combat XP.

Players will be getting a Survival timeline which will summarise all the survival data from the players’ last match and will show information such as landing point, guns used, Damage and much more.

PUBG PC – New Update v4.3 to be released soon on test servers

The feature will also show the Survival Style which essentially will tell your playstyle. It will also show up new information like engagement length and distance among other information.

Three of the most prominent traits will be displayed. To show off your Survival Mastery, players will now have a PUBG ID which will include Survival Mastery Level, emblem Background and Poses.

The new gun which is a shotgun called the DBS will also be added in the game with the update. DBS is essentially a double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun and can also be looted from Care Packages. It has two internal magazine tubes that boast of up to 14 rounds of shotgun ammo. The effective range for the gun is 100m and can be equipped with sights and scopes up to 6x.

PUBG PC – New Update v4.3 to be released soon on test servers
New DBS Shotgun

The developers have added a lot of gameplay improvements including shotgun consistency, Impact effects and much more. The sound will also be improved according to a set plan explained in a different dev letter. Performance optimizations and UI/UX changes have also been introduced in the game.

The zombie mode has been upgraded and now the zombies are fiercer and have much higher physical capability. Some more changes are to be made in the Replay system and some minor bug fixes are also included in the update. You can read the detailed patch notes here.

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