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Epic Games is releasing another update for Fortnite Battle Royale game. The new update is going to bring a slew of changes to the game. The forthcoming v10.31 update will also fix the issue of editing builds which have been plaguing the game since the update v10.30.

Epic Games has also released the schedule and timing of the update in an official tweet. The new update will also have downtime, which means matchmaking will be disabled during that duration. Fortnite update v10.31 will go live today at 1 am PT/ 4 am ET.

Fortnite update v10.31

After Fortnite v10.30 update, several players faced the issue of editing builds. Players took the route of Twitter and Reddit to express their concerns. Epic Games officials timely responded to these concerns and confirmed that a fix for this issue would be delivered in the next update.

Please note, we will update the complete patch notes at the bottom of the story whenever they arrive for the game.

Fortnite Builds
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In the upcoming update, we can also expect some changes to the Dusty Depot location. Earlier in Fortnite Season 10, we have seen many changes to the map due to the activation of Rift beacons. Many old locations have also returned back due to the activation of these rift beacons.

Fortnite Season 10
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Apart from the return of old locations, activation of Rift Beacons has also brought modified locations including Tilted Town and Moisty Palms to the game. But now players have also started noticing some new developments in Dusty Depot. A few rocket parts can be seen at the Dusty Depot location.

Fortnite update v10.30

Players have also noticed the developments of a metal structure over one bunker which has a huge space in the center where we will presumably see the manufacturing of the rocket. Many data miners have leaked images of this rocket event.

Fortnite update v10.31
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The players should expect some more build-ups and developments regarding this rocket event in the upcoming Fortnite Battle Royale update v10.31. Have a look at the data mined video regarding the rocket event down below.

Apart from leaking the rocket event, data miners have also revealed Monsters Inc skin for Fortnite. The skin features a green alien who is wearing a metallic suit. Two ‘Area 51’ logos are also imprinted on the right and left shoulders on the metallic suit. The leaked Monster Inc skin looks really cool, have a look at it down below.

It is still unclear whether the new skin will be released or not. But the new skin is somewhere related to Area 51 Raid, which is expected to take place on September 20. It is an event planned on Facebook, in which millions of people are interested in visiting Area 51, United States Air Force (USAF) facility within the Nevada Test and Training Range, to raid the site in search for extraterrestrial life.

Update 1 – Fortnite Battle Royale v10.31 patch notes (Sept 18)

Fortnite update v10.31 has gone live, you can read complete patch notes by heading here.

Update 1 – Letterboxing glitch on iOS (Sept 18)

Fortnite has acknowledged the black bar or Letterboxing bug on iOS devices after the latest update.

We are investigating an issue with Letterboxing (black bars) on iOS devices after the 10.31 update.

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