Smartphones that Samsung delivers, are among the most sought after in the market. Most of the customers, Samsung users, they can’t wait for a new release; always checking the internet to see if the company has a flagship on the line.

This is happening every time due to Samsung’s involvement in everything Tech-related and between its customers & potential users to know them better and their expectations. The release of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, for example, saw many Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users switch to the Note 10 5G and the trend is replicated in the rest of their smartphone upgrades.

Despite the fact that many conservative users didn’t see much in the Note 10 5G to convince them to abandon the Note 9, there were enough new features to push a massive number of users to grab the Note 10 5G in defiance of its high price tag.

Comparatively, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users had every reason to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G. The Note 10 5G delivered a lighter battery at just 3.500 mAh lasting longer than the 4.000 mAh battery on the Note 9, a totally different approach for the fingerprint sensor which comes incorporated in the device display and a more endowed S Pen with a set of new tricks associated with it.

Besides such remarkable leaps, there are other minor refinements roped in to give the users an enhanced experience and feel over the Note 9.


That said, you’re most likely reading this article because you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G that’s restricted to a particular service provider. If that’s the case, you’re in the right place so we share with you a simple procedure to unlock the smartphone for use with different lines.

Why the SIM Lock?

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is probably locked to a given network because it was bought from them through a special payment plan. This is a good business strategy for the service providers because they get you glued to their subscription packages even at times when they’re not very competitive.

Although the phone lock makes sense, at times it gets very annoying, more so if the other providers are unveiling some amazing offers and your carrier isn’t. Could you be going through the same thing?

Luckily, this is something you can easily get over!

All you’d need to get this done is an unlock code, which you can purchase online. Many companies are offering services to unlock smartphone devices so please choose carefully (satisfied customers with already unlocked devices can describe the service that they purchased at its best.

We’re focusing on UnlockUnit within this article, “Why UnlockUnit?”, you may ask. The truth of the matter is that UnlockUnit has been doing some pretty good work for us over the years. Their commitment to maintaining a fully functional and highly responsive customer service has kept them above most other companies offering the same service.

We’re, therefore, sticking with UnlockUnit in this article to avoid tossing you to a maze that would make things over the more difficult for you to figure out.

UnlockUnit achieved their position on top over the past few years because they unlock a wide variety of phones. It’s not that your carrier cannot give you an unlock code. They can.

Sadly though, they have a tedious process that often ends up unsuccessful. The network service providers are normally not quick to send you the unlock code for fear that you’d switch to other networks and maybe never use their subscriptions again.

That’s why the carriers enforce stringent guidelines for those who want to secure an unlock code for their gadgets. For example, some service providers insist that one is only qualified for an unlock code if they’ve owned the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G for 90 days or longer.

Others also demand that you must fully pay for the phone first and that there must have been no late payments linked to your payment plan. Meeting all the requirements is still not a guarantee that you’d eventually get the unlock code from your carrier.

Tired of following up with them? There is a simpler, legal and straight forward way of unlocking your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G. It doesn’t involve those long-running phone calls or those unjustifiable cat-and-mouse games that many service providers put users through.

Check out the procedure below.

The Unlock Procedure for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Like we mentioned above, this procedure is limited to the use of UnlockUnit.

So, to unlock your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G to open it for use with SIM cards from other service providers, you can go to Note 10 5G unlock page on UnlockUnit’s website and then follow the steps below;

1. Note Down your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G IMEI Number

Galaxy S10-5G-sponsored-post-in-article-image1

The most important information you need about your locked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G is the unique IMEI number. If you don’t readily have it with you, just dial *#06# on the phone in question.

The IMEI should appear as a pop-up. Make a note of it, as you will need it in the next step. If for any reason the IMEI didn’t show up, you can check your phone’s Settings page under Status to get the number.

2. Buy the Unlock Code from UnlockUnit

After securing the IMEI/IMEID for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G, visit UnlockUnit and enter the number in its respective text field even as you also fill in the other form fields. Remember that the email address you enter in the email field is the one through which you’ll receive the Note 10 5G unlock code.

Galaxy S10-5G-sponsored-post-in-article-image2.jpg

3. Check Email and Unlock Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G

Once you’ve completed the process above, simply log in to your email address to check if the unlock code has been sent. As soon as you find it, power off your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G and replace the SIM card therein with one that doesn’t belong to your current carrier.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, made possible in association with UnlockUnit.

About UnlockUnit: UnlockUnit offers a completely automated service to help you get your smartphone Network Unlocked. We just need your attention when providing the device details. It’s a must to have the correct details as we don’t process these orders manually. We will welcome you with a great customer support, keeping you in the loop all the way while your order is being processed. In the end, our main goal is your satisfaction. We really hope to have a chance to help you with your Network Locked device.

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