Apex Legends is now less than a month away from getting its Season 3 and we already have a lot of leaked information from the data miners who scour the data files for any kind of pointers for upcoming content and features.

Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!
Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!

Season 3 was set to start in October and players were expecting information about the new battle pass about a week before the launch, but That1MiningGuy couldn’t let players wait for that long and he has revealed not only the name of the new Season, but also its contents!

Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!
Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!

According to the leaks, the Season 3 will be called Fire and Ice, and it will come with a ton of new content to buy. The leaks have shown that there will be new Caustic and Octane skins, new reactive legendary skins for R301, Spitfire and Alternator.

The battle pass also includes legendary Apex packs, Epic Apex packs and 2550 crafting metals. The battle pass bundle includes 25 battle pass levels, exclusive legendary Spitfire skins and exclusive character skins.

Take a look at the leak here:

S3 battlepass strings found. Looks like 2550 total crafting materials, season will be named fire and ice, and the 25.00 version will come with some exclusive skins unlocked.


The name of the season hints at some map changes as well, maybe a snow biome and a fiery one. It can also be for the next season’s character which will most probably be Crypto.

Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!
Apex Legends – Season 3 Battle Pass Information leaked!

There is however no news on the official release date of Season 3. The season is expected to release on either October 1 or October 3.

The season will also bring new content like the new character, new modes and perhaps even a new weapon as well! There have been speculations of a new weapon called the charge rifle going to be released in the Season 3 of Apex Legends. But there has been still no sign about that.

But these leaks should always be considered only a speculation as many things go in the files which are still in development. Meaning, we may or may not see the leaked stuff in the game at the time of the release of Season 3. What do you think about Apex Legends Season 3? Are you excited about Season 3? Let us know in the comment section below!

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