Apex Legends is one of the most played Battle Royale these days and with all of its mechanics it’s not easy to understand every aspect of the game in a few games. There are many situations where you and your squad are stuck in a situation where you are at a serious disadvantage and you die shortly after because there seemed no escape.

Fret not! We are here to give you some tips to become better at games so that you can take better decisions when you’re in a fix in a game.


Imagine, one fine day in Apex Legends, your squad drop in an ideal place to loot, you get a decent loot and you are happy with the way the game is going. You find yourself in the second last circle with 6 to 7 squads left.

With all 3 of your members alive you run to the next ring and as soon as you enter the ring, one of your teammates gets hit by a sniper perched on a high ground which is just impossible to reach normally.

In a surge of adrenaline, you find a cover to hide, but what about those teams who heard the shots and all the bloodhounds who are just thirsty to come and finish off your team as you take a stand against that sniper camping on the top of the hill.

While this situation may seem to be completely unavoidable, you can save yourself and your squad from the situation, from getting killed and even better get to that high ground. Let’s see how –

1. Get to high ground and counter those snipers

Apex is one such game where each characters abilities can totally change the results of your gun fights. While getting sniped, if any of your squad is a pathfinder, you have an easy way out, make a zip line to a high ground and counter the sniper with a mid-range fight or a close range one.

Make sure to push together as a team and not make yourself a 3v1 target. Also, don’t just take a zip line to the team itself as you will be like open targets to the enemy team.


2. Hold the ground and set up a solid defence

Got a Wattson, Gibralter or Caustic on your team? No worries, you can still counter that sniper perched on the hill. Wattson can protect your team from incoming throwable ordnances and set up fences to alert you for other enemies who may be tracking you after hearing shots fired.

Know that, this is one of the most difficult and you need to know when to disengage to heal and fall back. Also, a good cover is a must for this kind of tactic.


3. Rapidly flank

Flanking rapidly can be extremely effective if you have an Octane or a Mirage in your team. Octane’s jump pad can be used to reach places where a normal climb wouldn’t.

Mirage can cloak himself and can flank easily without being noticed and even from a lower ground. If you successfully flank the enemy team, you are in a serious advantage. One downed enemy means you can easily throw arc stars and grenades, which will force the team to fall back and heal while you can get out of that situation.


4. Well, just run!

Not one of the most elegant options, but sometimes there are just too many teams and you must fall back to heal, here’s where Wraith, Bangalore, Pathfinder or an Octane comes in handy. Wraith’s portal can take your team out of that hell hole.

Pathfinder and octane’s zip line and jump pad respectively can let you get out of the situation. Bangalore’s smoke can also help but watch out for the digital threats.

While these are some of the ways where you can use your legend’s abilities to counter high ground enemies, know that, still, getting a high ground is a must in this game. So, be the king of the hill if you have the chance.

What are your thoughts about these tactics? Let us know your views in the comment section below!

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