Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync coming soon, poster reveals

The Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival successfully concluded at White River State Park in Indianapolis. The event took place on August 31 and September 01. Players who attended the festival had the chance to encounter dragons, which have appeared for the first time in the Wizards Unite game.

Four dragons were made available during the festival including Common Welsh Green, Antipodean Opaleye, Chinese Fireball and Peruvian Vipertooth. Players encounter these dragons as oddities.

Niantic has also shared some fascinating photos of the Wizards Unite festival. Have a look at the photos below. Global players will also get the chance to encounter these dragons, but we will get to that point later in the article.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync
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Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync
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Today, Niantic has shared an official poster for the arrival of Adventure Sync to the Wizards Unite game. Adventure Sync is one of the most desired features of the Wizards Unite as it allows the game to track the distance of Portmanteaus.

Harry-Potter-Wizards-Unite GPS Location-Bug
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‘Adventure Sync’ feature for the Wizards Unite game was first announced by Mary Casey during the San Diego Comic-Con. Since then, players have been desperately waiting for the arrival of the Adventure Sync feature.

Wizards Unite-game-crashing

Niantic has also shared a poster for the upcoming Adventure Sync feature, and its description says, “Wherever your travels take you, rewards follow“. The addition of this new feature to the game will be helpful to players in the following two ways.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync
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1) Players won’t have to leave their app open while making the distance count for Portmanteaus.
2) It will save a lot of battery.

However, Niantic has not confirmed on which date this new feature will make its entry into the game. Speaking of the Adventure Sync feature, it is similar to Pokemon Go Adventure Sync, which allows the game to track the distance players have walked to hatch eggs.


Now, let us discuss how global players can encounter dragons in the Wizards Unite game. For players who have not been able to attend the Fan Festival, Niantic announced a global challenge for them. Under this challenge, players encountered new types of Portekey Portmanteaus throughout the weekend.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync
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Each of these special Portmanteaus contains a Portkey that will transport players to the Forbidden Forest where players will have the opportunity to collect one of four Dragon Eggs. Players can easily locate these Portmanteaus on the map as they match the colour of the Dragon egg found within.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Adventure Sync
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Niantic will count every egg that players will collect during the event. Players will unlock special rewards if the collection reaches a required milestone. Rewards for completing each dragon egg milestone have been shown in the image below.

Wizards Unite Global Challenge
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Niantic has also announced the ‘Day of Dragons event’ on September 7, 2019, under which global players can encounter Dragons. The dragon which will spawn at your location will depend on Dragon eggs which have been collected by players across your region. You can get more details about it by heading here.

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