Apex Legends: Season 3 may include a totally new PvE mode

Varun Malhan Varun Malhan Sep 02, 2019 Gaming, News

Apex Legends – Respawn Entertainment’s latest record shattering video game has been making waves and breathing life into the game again as the Season 2 started with a ton of content. The themed events like the Iron Crown and Voidwalker has already made players return to the game and the player base has risen in numbers.

There have been a lot of speculations for the upcoming Season 3 which has been rumored to add the new legend called Crypto and now for the new mode. Popular data miner That1MiningGuy has revealed the details for the new PvE mode which may be released in Season 3.


The data miner gave out many details about the PvE mode including how the mode may work. The leaks from them start with the details of the missions which players will be completing in the new mode.

The leak suggests there will be 10 types of missions namely – Free range monsters, Harvester Assault, Bait and Switch, Infestation, Breach and Clear, The Mist, Repulsor Defend, High Octane, Moving Castle and Town Attack.

These missions will come with specific tasks to complete which will reward the players once they complete the mission. Whether the awards will be translated to the main Battle Royale mode or not is something players will get to know once Respawn announces the mode.

That1MiningGuy also goes on to reveal the initial leak of enemies in the PvE mode. The players will be fighting a variety of enemies. The leaks suggest human enemies, a variety of animal enemies and possibly titans too.


Now, yeah we know Respawn told us how titans cannot be integrated in Apex Legends but this mode is totally different than the PvP mode. The titans can be controlled by AI which may very well be the case and allow the titans to enter the game.

As the game was set in Titanfall premise, the titans were something every player was waiting to see. The enemies have been named in the files which are – Grunt, Spectre, Specialist, Shield Captain, Stalker, Reaper, Infected Soldier, Swamp Spider, Special Forces Guard, Special Forces Sniper, Crimson Elite, Reaper Elite, Blisk’s Titan, Target Titan, Prowler, Alpha Prowler and Goliath.

Next up, the data miner gives a list of tasks to be performed in the PvE mode. The list from the script has the names and description of the tasks. You can find the list in the following video:


They also talk about the objectives and reveal the details about them and missions, which conveys the speculation of Hover Tanks may become reality in the PvE mode.

The mode will also include challenges similar to the ones we had in the Iron Crown Event. A list of challenges were also found in the script files which revealed that the wallrun mechanic may also be added in the PvE mode.

Overall, the new mode if it is coming to Apex Legends will totally change the game and will increase the player base yet again. While the new mode sounds exciting, know that this all is speculation and based on leaks from mining the data files of the game. But nonetheless the new additions in the PvE mode seem exciting and we can’t wait for the new PvE mode to be announced.

What are your opinions about the new PvE mode? Let us know in the comment section below!

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