Samsung Galaxy Buds experiencing connection issues after the latest August update

It’s not a coincidence that big-name smartphone companies are now making a pair of their own wireless earphones to match the insanely priced handhelds they pump into the market at every opportunity.

Apple gave us the AirPods and then came OnePlus with the Bullet Wireless headphones. Google also did give us the Pixel Buds and most recently, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Buds alongside the Galaxy S10 and S10+.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

So, why do I think this isn’t a coincidence? Well, apart from Samsung, the other three OEMs unveiled their wireless buds at the same time they were getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack.

If anything, these are tech companies doing their typical thing of milking every single cent they can from their fans. By doing away with the 3.5mm audio jack, these companies would easily make money from selling these wireless earbuds, which is the exact thing that’s happening.

Make no mistake, these gadgets are some of the coolest smartphone accessories out there, but according to Consumer Reports, you’ll be better off with Samsung Galaxy Buds as opposed to Apple AirPods. This is regardless of whether you pair it to an iPhone or Android smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Buds are better than Apple AirPods

The Galaxy Buds sound fantastic, well beyond what you hear with your average headphones. They come standard with modern features like USB-C and wireless charging compatibility, and you don’t need to blast the volume to hear over your surroundings. In general, they work better on iPhones than the AirPods do on Android devices. Some people might prefer the AirPods, but if you want performance, our tests show that the Samsung Galaxy Buds are among the best true wireless headphones on the market.

However, all is not rosy in the Galaxy Buds camp, especially after the most recent August software update. As per the changelog, this update was meant to improve Bluetooth connection of the Buds to other devices, but it seems it did the exact opposite.

Multiple cases have been reported through various platforms about an issue where one of the buds (mostly the right bud) won’t connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth. This wasn’t the case before the latest update.



As you can see above, some users have already tried resetting both the phone and earbuds but this doesn’t fix the issue. Furthermore, there are cases where the affected earbud not only fails to connect, but it also fails to charge.


The story is quite the same over on Reddit, with multiple cases related to the most recent update already doing rounds.

So I’ve had them for about 4 months and now only one will connect and I cant update or use both. And the delete/reset option isnt there for me to go to. I’ve tried re pairing them to my phone and other phones and they still wont connect is there any way to fix this because I like them a lot I just need to be able to use both of them.

-Its random with which one connects -Tried pairing with both iPhones and other Samsung devices -Uninstalled the app and reinstalled so-called Samsung and they had no useful input. I just really want to use both of them and they won’t both connect.

Until now, Samsung has yet to acknowledge the issue, but looking at how potentially widespread the bug is, another Samsung Galaxy Buds update should be pushed in the coming days. For now, you may have to live with this bug, but not for long, hopefully.

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