A new Pokemon Go update has started rolling out for Samsung and Android users. The update brings a lot of changes to the game, including the addition of the Unova region or Generation 5 Pokemon. The 0.153.0 update also adds a competitive ranking system for PVP battles, revamped buddy system and new items.

The details mentioned below are based on the data mined information which is subjected to change, and credit to this information goes to Chrales, and Pokeminers (Discord). According to Chrales, a few interesting items will come along with Pokemon Go 0.153.0 update. Let us examine all the data mined information down below.

Chrales has revealed on his Twitter that the complete Generation V Pokemon has been added to the Pokedex. It features all the Unova region Pokemon families and forms. Unova Stone is also coming to the game. Have a look at the list of added Pokemon and new forms in the images below.

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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Unova Stone will help evolve specific Unova region Pokemon to their final forms, as we have earlier seen with Sinnoh Stone. Pokemon that are expected to be evolved through the use of this Unova stone include Pansage, Pansear, Panpour. Mentioned below are all the possible candidates which can evolve through Unova Stone.

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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GEN 1 STONES (unlikely)

  • Element Monkeys (Pansage, Pansear, Panpour)
  • Eelektross
  • Musharna

TRADES & FRIENDSHIP (less unlikely)

  • Conkeldurr
  • Gigalith
  • Swoonbat
  • Leavanny


  • Liligant
  • Whimsicott
  • Shelmet
  • Karrablast
  • Chandalure
  • Cincinno

Pokemon Go 0.153.0 update data mined code also shows the inclusion of some new items, including VS Seeker, Route Maker, Unova Stone (mentioned above). Below we have detailed how the VS Seeker, and Route maker are expected to work in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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VS Seeker

It is a new item which will allow players to duel with other players around the world. The data mined code of VS Seeker shows the inclusion of Seasons, Ranks and Ratings, which gives a slight glance of Pokemon Go Competitive system. Two players can only have a duel if both of them possess VS Seeker item. Have a look below at the data mined code related to VS Seeker.


Route Maker

As the name suggests, this new item will possibly allow players to create in-game routes between Pokestops. The data mined code has revealed that the route maker system has few parameters including minimum and maximum PokeStops, distances and checkpoints.

Also, players can rename the route to their desired name. The code has also revealed that this new Route Maker system is tied to the revamped Buddy System.

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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Revamped Buddy System

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0 is also expected to bring all-new Buddy system to the game. Buddy Pokemon is now expected to have Buddy Levels, which will be based on the interaction and grooming of Buddy Pokemon. Buddy Pokemon can also travel along with you on the marked route which has been set up through the Route Maker.

Pokemon Go update 0.153.0
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Competitive PVP matchmaking

PVP matchmaking is also coming to the game, which means players can have a battle with ranked opponents remotely. The new competitive matchmaking system also includes Seasons, Ranks and Ratings. The competitive matchmaking system is expected to have some ties with VS Seeker.


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