Pokemon Go Giovanni & Team Go Rocket will come back to capture all Pokemon

Pokemon Go breathed a new life with the recent Team Go Rocket event. Players are extremely happy with Niantic to make this event happen. The event was really fun as Team Go Rocket invaded PokeStops present on the overworld map.

Pokemon Go Team Go Rocket
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Any Pokestop invaded by Team Go Rocket was gray in color. Players were required to defeat Team Go Rocket Grunts. Team Go Rocket Grunt had three Pokemons of the same type, but their Pokemons were not normal.

Pokemon-Go- Team-Rocket
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Team Go Rocket Pokemon had some dark and evil aura. Players needed to defeat Team Go Rocket and save the Shadow Pokemon with the help of Purification process. The process of Purification required some Stardust & Candy.

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Each Purified Pokemon had a minimum Level 25 & learned a new move normal. Well, Team Go Rocket is gone for now, but Giovanni has left out a message for Pokemon Go players.

For players who don’t know, Giovanni was the head of Team Rocket & also the secret gym leader of Viridian City’s gym. He was the master of Ground Type Pokemon.

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In his message on Pokemon Go Japan Twitter handle, Giovanni has stated that our aggression does not end until it invades this earth. He further added that all Pokemon exists for the Go Rocket group.

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Team Go Rocket boss was able to deliver this message as they hacked Pokemon Go official social channels.

Apart from Pokemon Go Japan Twitter handle, Giovanni has also left out another message on Pokemon Go English language Twitter handle.

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On Pokemon Go official English Twitter handle, he stated that we have got what we needed. Well, many players are now speculating about what they took?

After all these messages & Team Go Rocket hijacks drama on Twitter, Pokemon Go official Twitter handle has apologized to players for these bizarre messages.

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Well, it is not over for sure, as Giovanni has already given a message to all players from Pokemon Go Japan Twitter handle that it will only end when they invade the earth completely & capture all Pokemon.

Now, it will be interesting to see when Niantic brings back the Team Go Rocket Event. The inclusion of Team Go Rocket was a very nice addition to the game & was praised by all players.

Also, recent data mined research disclosed that Jirachi will soon be available globally. Earlier, Jirachi was made available through special research tasks at Pokémon GO Fest, but no information regarding its worldwide release was made out.

Following a similar pattern, last year’s Celebi was first made available for the Chicago fest, and then after a month, it was released worldwide.

According to the leaked information, Jirachi special quest focus on Hoenn region Pokemon. Players will also be required to catch Whimsur and Loudred.

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So, for a while, we have to wait and see when Niantic makes an official announcement regarding Jirachi’s worldwide availability.

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