[Downtime ends] Fortnite v9.40 update patch notes - Release Date, Schedule & Timings

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Original story (from July 17) follows:

Epic Games have announced the schedule and timings for the upcoming v9.40 update. Earlier, Epic Games released three content updates for v9.30, which added items like Air Strike to the game.

As Fortnite Season 10 is approaching near, we may see some map changes in the upcoming update to set up the platform for Fornite Season 10.

Fortnite update v9.40 is scheduled to be released on July 17 at 4 am ET. Epic Games has made an official announcement on its Twitter handle mentioning the downtime for the upcoming update.

The match-making for the game will be disabled 20-25 minutes before the scheduled release time.

Fortnite v9.40 update will add two new weapons to Fortnite. The weapons that will be introduced in the upcoming update are Epic and Legendary variants of Tactical shotgun. So far, the pump shotgun is a fan’s favorite close-range weapon.

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Already a countdown timer to the Cattus vs Doggus event has been placed in the Fornite sky such that players can keep track of the event timings.

It will be an in-game live event, just like Marshmello and Rocket Launch, which were very successful for the game and millions of players joined the game to watch the event live.

Cattus, a polar peak monster who has been encircling Fortnite map from past few weeks, will encounter Doggus, a giant robot fabricating at Pressure Plant.

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Recently, wings have been added to the back of Doggus which hints that we may see an aerial battle between these two giants. Wings may have been added to the robot so that it can dodge the attacks, coming from Cattus. The event will kick off on July 20 at 12:00 PM PST.


Whenever a major update arrives for the game, Epic Games adds new cosmetics and skins to the game. Data miners take no time to dig into the game update files and leak out the upcoming skins for the game.

The update will also bring fixes to issues that are currently affecting the game. The following bugs are expected to be fixed in the next update: Sometimes invisibility of traps, item pickup issues, and rings of Fortbytes invisibility issue.


The bug fixes will surely improve and enhance the gameplay. Fortnite v9.40 patch notes will be released along with the scheduled game update. We will update the patch notes in this post once they get live.

For a quick refresher, Fortnite is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, iOS and Android platforms. The game features two modes: Save the World and Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale mode of the game is very popular among fans, where 100 players are dropped off from a bus on Fortnite Island, and the last man standing becomes the winner and takes Victory Royale.

Update 1 (July 17)

Inline with what Fortnite announced earlier today, the servers are currently down, and official patch notes are live.


We’ll let you know when the game is back up. Meanwhile, let us know if you are excited about the new Fortnite update (version 9.40)?

Update 2 (July 17)

Downtime has ended, Fortnite Twitter account announced a few minutes ago. However, as is usually the case, update for Fortnite iOS users is delayed this time as well.

Team Fortnite, meanwhile, also acknowledged a couple of issues with the new update. Here are the details:

We’re aware of an issue where Coins that are collected during a game do not appear while in Create mode during the same Creative session. The coins will remain interactable and appear in subsequent game starts. We’re working towards a fix

We have identified an issue in Fortnite Creative where players are unable to edit structures. We are investigating and will keep you posted when the issue is resolved

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