'Spotify connections: Waze is connected' notification issue being worked on, says company

Just last month, we spotted a lockscreen controls issue that plagued the immensely popular music streaming service Spotify. Basically, app controls like skip and pause were acting buggy and not working when accessed from the device’s lockscreen.

Meaning, Spotify app users were not able to change music from lockscreen (or notification center). It was appeasing that as soon as reports proliferated across different online discussion platforms, Spotify pitched in and acknowledged the issue saying “We’re still looking into this.”

Spotify controls on lockscreen

Cut to now, a few months later, a different Spotify problem is surfacing. This time, Spotify connections are action bonkers. Going by reports, Spotify is now throwing a continuous ‘Waze is connected’ notification, even on devices that either do not have Waze installed or have it disabled.

This bug reportedly creeped in after installing Spotify app v8.5.4.770, and affects Android devices. Here’s how come of the complainants word the problem at the official Spotify Community and online discussion platform Reddit:

I’ve never had Waze installed on my phone but today I started having a persistent notification from `Spotify connections` telling me that `Waze is connected`. What is Spotify connected to that it thinks is Waze? Because it’s definitely not installed on my phone.

Just yesterday I started noticing that everytime my phone connects to my car via bluetooth and I use Spotify, Spotify has the normal notification banner for playback control, but there is another banner that reads “Spotify Connection: Connected to Waze”. It does not let me swipe it away even when I am out of the car, bluetooth is off, and my music is no longer playing. In my Spotify settings I have Waze Navigation switched OFF and I do not even have the Waze app on my phone. Is there any way to make this stop without turning off notifications for Spotify altogether?

Similar reports can be seen posted across Twitter as well:



Following are a user shared images of ‘Spotify connections: Waze is connected’ notification (image 1) followed by Waze integration disabled in Settings (image 2).

User shared image of Spotify connections: Waze is connected notification
User shared image of Waze integration disabled in Settings

What’s appeasing is that Spotify has acknowledged this glitch as well. Just last week, one of the Spotify Community moderator said:

This is an issue we are aware of and currently looking into.

And here’s what the problem’s Status Update page reads:

Problem’s Status Update on Waze Community

Here’s hoping Spotify fixes whatever is causing this glitch soon. Rest assured, we are keeping an active tab on the matter and will update the story as and when any progress comes to our sight.

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