Google AdSense identity verification failed issue troubling a huge number of publishers

Google’s online advertisement placement platform AdSense gives website publishers an opportunity to monetize their sites and earn from their content. AdSense basically displays contextual ads that are created as well as paid by advertisers who want to promote their products.

To get approved for this ad program, other than meeting the basic terms and conditions, website owners are required to get their identity verified for successful enrollment. While earlier it used to be a PIN verification procedure, now in addition, publishers are also asked for a Government issued ID.

Documents accepted as proof of identity

But sadly, this verification procedure has reportedly been troubling a gigantic number of publishers for past few months. Just a quick look at the official AdSense help forum, and you can find a large number of queries posted regarding AdSense identity verification failure.

Complainants describe the issue saying they’ve exhausted the limit (i.e. three times) of identity verification, and consequently ads have stopped displaying on their sites. What’s concerning is that now they are unable to find any other ways to verify their account.

Users basically say after completing the address (PIN) verification successfully, while verifying their official documents as a proof of identity, the verification failed thrice.

And now they are notified that “Your ad units aren’t displaying ads because you’ve failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.”

User shared image of notification

Some of the affected users who contacted the company by filling a form say they never received any response. On the other and, many users say the the form isn’t accessible, as the page doesn’t exist. Hence, there’s no particular way to get in touch with the AdSense team to get the issue resolved.

Here’s a user shared image of what they get to see on accessing the form to troubleshoot the problem:

Google-Adsense-page doesn't exist
User shared image of page error

Here’s how one of the affected users words the problem:

The most painful part is that google adsense is not even responding to all these complaints. Ads have been blocked from serving in my website for close to three weeks now after reaching a $10 threshold. I uploaded my IDs which were all rejected. I have contacted google yet to response. This is the message on my adsense dashboard “Your ad units aren’t displaying ads because you’ve failed identity verification. To verify your identity and resume ad serving, please contact us.”

The user further added:

How do I even contact them when if I click Action it takes me to the payments session. I have been searching for solution to this online no help. The form google adsense provided is not even working and people who accessed the form in the past complained that they were never replied.

Another complainant said:

I attempt 3 verification for my identity . Sir my identity verification on adsense failed because I reached maximum no of attempt in adsense account. Even you form for verification is not support . Please give me more chance for verify my identity . Trying time to time. Identity verification troubleshooter but page not open pleas help.

Affected publishers even took to Twitter to chime the same.


Usually whenever an issue gets widespread across the company forums a Google employee pitches in to shed clarity. But this problem despite being reported by hundreds is yet to be addressed.

While reports continue proliferating, sadly no workaround has come to our sight that can help those affected. Rest assured we are keeping a tab on the matter and will update the story as and when any new development come to our notice.

In the meantime, if you were also facing the same issue and have figured a way out of it, feel free to share with other affected users how you did it by dropping a comment below.

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