Google Pixel 3 speakerphone issues persist even after RMA, users report

When are you paying for something premium, you should expect same level of support and consistency. But Google perhaps likes to be an exception to this long-established custom with the Pixel lineup.

See, I get the point. After gaining utmost superiority on the software front, Google wants to dominate the hardware segment as well. OEMs like Samsung have monopoly in the premium section of the market so far, while new players like Huawei are emerging steadily.


By introducing the premium class Pixel phones, Google targets the non-geeky customers to give them a full-fledged Google flavoured ecosystem of Android. Unlike Nexus series, newest generation Pixels are manufactured by ODMs like Foxconn under direct supervision of Google.

Google Pixel 3

In a recent study conducted by Strategy Analytics, Google Pixel was considered as the fastest growing US smartphone brand. Although exact sales were not available, the analysis was enough to show the higher adoption rate of Google branded Android phones.

However, poorly optimized software and unpolished features are the major roadblocks for the Pixel series – especially the third gen ones. You may find it unbelievable, but the phone mostly praised for photography often can’t take pictures due to buggy camera stack.


While Google tried to fix some of the Pixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL camera issues with software updates, they were unable to do to resolve another gigantic bug – the poor call experiences!

Well, there you go: you have a fancy phone that can do tons of complicated tasks. But there is one catch – you can’t use it to call someone or answer someone.

Pixel 3 call quality reports under r/GooglePixel

Readers may find the example hilarious, but that’s the sad as well as frustrating truth. Intermittent call audio, frequent disconnection, crappy audio quality are some of the widely reported issues on Google Pixel 3/3 XL.

Wait, there’s more!

Since last few months, Pixel 3 users are facing several glitches in speaker phone. In a random manner, one side can’t hear the sound from the other side.

Bought *pixel 3* two months ago and when using speakerphone at least half time the other end can’t hear me. They pick up and say hello about 4 times, and only if I turn off speakerphone can they hear me. Or I break up. I know this was a big issue in the fall. Can someone advise whether Google ever recognized this problem and if any solution is promised. Or do I arrange for an RMA? Thanks!



I’m having speakerphone issues as well. The receiver can’t hear me if I’m using speakerphone but I can hear them. When I switch back to the regular phone audio we can both hear each other.



As readers may notice, not only the issue is long-standing, but also it is a recurring bug. Even after a series of RMA, users are stumbling to on speakerphone bugs. For some users, the spearphone entirely stops working in telephony mode.

Same for me. Bottom speaker is out so no speaker phone, no ring or notification sound and only half volume for videos.



Even after the latest April 2019 updates, the affected users are experiencing same quirks and glitches. At this moment, it is safe to assume that the bug originates from faulty hardware components, which can’t be patched by software updates.

Pixel 3

Android 9, Security Patch April 5 2019

I have the same issue: no speakerphone, no ring, no audible notifications. The speakers work fine with YouTube videos, so it’s not a hardware problem. I’ve walked through troubleshooting (including screen sharing) with customer support and they’re stumped.


The endlessly growing Pixel 3 call quality issue under Google Bug Tracker has now been updated to top priority (P1).  People started to post the speakerphone bugs there as well.

I have had one pixel 3 replaced it just died wouldn’t start. Before it died had call issues when using the speaker phone no one on other end could hear, broken speech etc. Cushioned replaced that phone. I bought 2 pixel 3. The replacement had the same problem as does my partners phone. Soon works fine on our old phones.


My phone is 5 weeks.old band new. Speaker phone doesnt work at all. Initially it.was.static ,I couldn’t talk into it ,people couldn’t hear me. Now it’s just dead zone. . please help


Google’s sole weapon to tackle the situation is to replace the faulty units. Nevertheless, the solution is not worthwhile at all.


Are you facing similar issues with the speaker phone mode of your Google Pixel 3/3 XL? Comment below.

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