OnePlus News Daily Dose #47: OnePlus 7 case leak, running Call of Duty on 6T, notch tweaking and more!

Daily dose readers, the month of May is nearing by and you should already know the meaning of it. A new OnePlus phone (or two?) is coming shortly, while OnePlus is already working for the transition.

In last few daily dose articles, we occasionally highlighted titbits about OnePlus 7 – whether it was some leaked case renders or rumor about the release date.

Well well well, some random online retailer has decided to showcase a number of third party cases for the OnePlus 7 once again. Besides the usual triple rear camera setup along with popup frontal camera, the cases perfectly match with the previous renders.


Android Pure has spotted these designer TPU cases on a relatively obscure ecommerce site named The seller is selling them for $2.4 which may decrease even further for bulk orders.


Indirectly, the cases (which are being advertised as shock absorber) also justify the presence of an in-display fingerprint scanner. However, we still don’t know if OnePlus will use the same optical scanner as OnePlus 6T or introduce an ultrasonic sensor like the one in Samsung Galaxy S10.


Although the popup selfie camera design of the OnePlus 7 is almost confirmed at this moment, OnePlus may adopt some fascinating design choices in future.

The guys over spotted a patent from OPPO, where the Chinese smartphone manufacturer demonstrated a popup screen! Yes, you read it right – not a camera, but a screen!

Click/Tap to zoom

As you can see, there was another slider based design with a larger screen beneath the primary display. We are already aware of the not-so-secret relationship between OPPO and OnePlus, so I don’t be surprised to see a future phone from OnePlus ‘inspired’ by these designs.

Interested readers can find the patent here and the illustrations here.

One thing is clear – the design choices like the pop-up motorized camera (or even the secondary display) are nothing but a way to embrace the true zero bezel full screen display. The waterdrop-esque notch, found in the OnePlus 6T, is a part of the evolution.

OnePlus 6T with the waterdrop notch

Now XDA member oddlyspaced came up with a clever app called Notch Pie, to utilize the notch.

Notch Pie is an app which creates an overlay on the status bar around the teardrop notch in order to show the battery status.

Originally developed for the Redmi Note 7 Pro, the nature of the app makes it kind of universal for every notched phone, like the OnePlus 6T. After installing and opening the app, you will be asked to go through a somewhat complicated setup process.

Image source: XDA

But once you’re done, the app should show all its glory (I mean the battery level) around the notch.

As the app is still in beta, you may find occasional hiccups while running it. In that case, the developer shared the following troubleshooting info:

If the overlay somehow disappears after closing the app, please go to the accessibility settings and enable the service for “Notch Pie” and it should start working fine.

Talking about OnePlus 6T, ‘hacker’ NTAuthority is continuing his blazing journey to port Windows 10 ARM64 on this phone.

After getting the touchscreen working, he was able to run the ARM64 version of Chromium natively with proper GPU acceleration.

Wait, there’s more!

AFter successfully initizaling the graphics stack, Bas Timmer aka NTAuthority has shown us Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 running on the OnePlus 6T!

Let’s hope he will quickly squash out the remaining issues and release a public build of the Windows on ARM package for OnePlus 6T users.

On the other hand, the final tutorial in the Mobile Filmmaking Masterclass series is here.

Italian filmmaker Giacomo Mantovani has presented his final tutorial video, where he talks about post-production workflow.

Different aspects of post production, like the choice of editing software or background scores and their royalties are being covered in this part of the tutorial.

Leave the color correction for last since this takes some processing power. Export your video according to the recommended setting for each platform and you’re done!

Our Top 10 Directors will now start shooting their short films and we’re really excited to see what they have in store for us. Once we’ve received the videos, we’ll share them with you and select our winners.

Readers should take a look at the official thread to get involved.

That’s it for today. Ciao!

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