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TweakBox, as some of you may already know is a popular third-party mobile app installer and jailbreak alternative for iOS devices that allows users to download apps that aren’t otherwise officially available on the App Store.

Going by the reports, TweakBox is currently acting out and affected users are routing to social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit chiming about problems like apps (such as Spotify ++) not installing and revoked access.

Here are some of the recent complaints form the endless string of reports on Twitter:

And here’s how some of the complainants word the problem behavior on the online discussion platform Reddit:

BTW TweakBox is not the only one plagued here, as the AppValley and Tutu app installer are also not working. Take a look at some of the recent reports from TutuApp users:

And from AppValley users:

[Meta] All Services (Tweakbox, Tutu, Appvalley, Ignition) have been revoked from sideloaded

Sadly, this glitchy behavior is not being chimed for the first time. Rather, a couple of months back also we highlighted the similar issue.

What about the fix?

As for the latest development on the matter, it’s appeasing that both TweakBox and Tutu app teams are working on fixing this. Tutu app has been actively informing users through their official Twitter account about the updates on the matter. Firstly, they said

Soon after, they added:

Revoked again and again? We are fixing for a few hours and we need more time to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience

A few hours back they again updated the users saying:

Hey. Tutu has always been there.? Please be patient.? We are still fixing it.?

So a fix is still to come.

On the other hand TweakBox has been managing to revive from the back to back revoke strikes in the past couple of days. The first one came day before yesterday

And was fixed immediately.

But they were revoked again

The second revoke was again fixed in a days time.

But, TweakBox was subsequently revoked once again for the third time.

Well, what’s coming to light is that TweakBox has managed to fix this one too. But apparently, they aren’t sure for how long will it last.

Fingers crossed.

AppValley is also trying hard to get things working again. Following is the back to back revoke and fix series of event shared by @AppValley_vip.

But soon after things appeared to be getting back on track, AppValley was revoked again

Following which came another fix and yet another revoke.

While TweakBox has fixed the glitch at least for the time being (unless Apple revokes them again), and AppValley is trying hard, no such development has been reported by TutuApp yet.

We hope both TutuApp and AppValley do the needful to fix things up quickly. Rest assured, we are keeping a tab on the related developments and will update the story as and when required.

Meanwhile, if you are you also facing the issue discussed here, drop a comment and let us know.

Update 1

Soon after there showed up some hope for TutuApp users

The app went down again, consequent to which @TutuApp_vip once again repeated their last statement.

Update 2

Looks like the revoke problem is here to stay as TweakBox is down again. Here’s how they updated their users a couple of hours back:

Yep. Died again. As stated, we have been 24/7 for 3 days on this, and will continue, don’t think we are going to let you down. We are here for you.

Update 3

Reportedly, the problem has once again been resolved for AppValley.

Update 4

Aaaand AppValley is down once again.

Update 5

Just like AppValley, TweakBox is also vocal about working continuously to resolve the issue in question and not letting their users down. Here’s what they shared lately:

Update 6

Ignition App is also currently facing the revoke issues just like TweakBox, AppValley and TutuApp. They recently said they are working with TweakBox and AppValley to resolve the same.

Update 7

IgnitionApp is now asking the users about their preference (alphabetical or demand) for the apps to be signed.

And here are the top apps they revealed

Update 8

AppValley just informed users that they’ll need more time to get the apps back into action.

Update 9

IgnitionApp recently tweeted

Signed and revoked before 30 apps even got signed. Don’t worry though, we’re working on it!

But, for some reason, they appear to have taken down the tweet in question. Thankfully, we were swift enough to grab a screenshot of the tweet before it was deleted.


If we go by the deleted tweet, looks like they’ve been revoked once again.

Update 10

TutuApp just updated their users that they are working on fixing things up.

Update 11

Ignition recently shared they are working on signing the apps one by one.

Update 12

Here is Ignition app’s latest suggestion to users:

Update 13

Amid their efforts to fix things up TweakBox just tweeted:

Update 14

TutuApp offers ‘TutuApp Lite’ workaround as TweakBox, AppValley & Ignition app users still face revoke issue. Complete story here.

Update 15

Looks like Spotify is next as TweakBox just tweeted

Not all apps. But you need your music right?

Update 16

Aaaaand TutuApp and Ignition have been revoked once again.

Update 17

Yet another status update by AppValley, but nothing new to say. They are still working to fix the apps.

Update 18

For TweakBox related updates team TweakBox has now suggested the concerned user to head here.

They also added

Coming to Ignition app, they recently said:

Update 19

Good news. Spotify++ is back for TweakBox users.

Update 20

Ignition app has been revoked again.

And they are once again asking users not to panic.

Trust me, we know we are revoked. Grey apps not installing also means we are revoked. We are on top of things. To help us get this fixed as soon as possible, please do not spam our DMs/feed asking if we are revoked or why apps won’t download. Help the community out too. Thanks!?

Update 21

What has now come to our notice is that the revoke incidence struck CotoMovies app on iOS too. Head here for complete story.

Update 22

Looks like TweakBox got revoked again as users say Spotify++ is not workings anymore.

I try to download spotify++ and it downloads with the tweakbox logo, goes all the way and then it’s just grey,I’ve tried reinstalling it but it still don’t work

It’s revoked again. Just few minutes ago it was working perfectly fine.

Spotify ++ won’t download for me , I’ve deleted tweakbox and tried again but it won’t work and I’ve tried countless amounts of times

Update 23

Ignition app’s latest status:

We’re working on being resigned. Hopefully not much longer.

Update 24

TutuApp says they’ve found a fix for the problem and a more stable app is on way. Details here.

Update 24 (April 15)

What exactly is Ignition app trying to convey?

Update 25 (April 16)

TweakBox is now informing users that the app on iOS 12.2 is buggy and users should wait until Apple fixes the PWA glitch causing the issue.

TweakBox on iOS 12.2 is buggy. We recommend waiting until apple fixes issues with PWA (how tweakbox is built) as apple is making it better and better but tripping along its way.

Update 26 (April 16)

Ignition app says they’ve found a solution to the problem.

Update 27 (April 17)

Incoming is an update from AppValley team. They have found a way to fix things up.

We believe we found a stable way to provide you your favorite apps still for free. But it might require a little work on your end to get it. Does that sound good?

Update 28 (April 18)

The app team has now informed users that the TutuApp alternative TutuApp Lite will get fixed in a time of about two weeks.

They also added that Spotify will be first app to receive the fix.

Update 29 (April 20)

TweakBox brings back Spotify++

Update 26 (April 20)

TweakBox brings in SideloadBox (an iPA library), a place where you can get all the latest tweaked apps and emulators. But it needs a Cydia Impactor for installing the apps.

SideloadBox is yet another service TweakBox is offering. Given the circumstances, and our goal to provide the apps you guys know and love, we think its a good idea. (SideloadBox does not slow down TweakBox development 😉 )

Update 27 (April 20)

Oops. Looks like SideloadBox has already had a rough start.


Update 28 (April 22)

If you’re waiting for Spotify ++ to get fixed, try SideloadBox. That’s what TweakBox is suggesting their users.


Update 29 (April 24)

TweakBox has provided an estimated timeline of about 2 weeks to fix SideloadBox

Working on a solution. Estimated 2 weeks maybe a tiny bit more. in the meantime you can install apps using a pc/mac from (no ads!) TUTORIAL:

Update 30 (April 25)

Here’s a tutorial on how to use SideloadBox.

Update 31 (April 26)

TweakBox clears the air on SideloadBox saying

SideloadBox( needs a computer yes, and Cydia Impactor. But it is not a jailbreak, your device is not getting “root”, it is just to install apps. (It is not cydia, its a tool for installing apps by the creator of cydia)


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