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The Samsung Galaxy S10 series was launched less than a couple of weeks ago, and we at PiunikaWeb already managed to dig up several issues and problems plaguing these devices (check out the list here).

And now, you can add another problem to the list. It’s apparently one of the more serious issues as users say their S10 devices randomly restart, with many noting these random reboots or crashes happen during night for them.

Following are some reports from affected users:

From the first day, my S10+ restarts itself sometime during the night. Since the phone doesn’t “start up” until a PIN is entered, it’s pretty much the same as the phone being off

Have the S10+ 5m lb and noticed it has restarted several times. Once just now with 20% battery and moderate use, once last night charging and at least one other occasion. None of the restarts were due to software updates

I have a brand new S10 I have been having issues with the phone restarting it’s self randomly! Also I have had a few instances where the screen would freeze and the only way to fix it is to restart the phone

Steps like wiping cache partition worked for a small number of complainants but for many others, it brought no respite. Some of the affected users explicitly confirmed the problem persists in safe mode as well.

I have the same issue with my S10+. I turned the phone into safe mode and the problem persists

I’ve tried leaving the phone in Safe Mode overnight to no avail

I did wiped the cache but problem persists. What I’ve noticed is that I see the phone freezes and then it restarts. It’s hard to tell what’s wrong since you don’t get any error message or log

One user even shared the screenshot of the screen when reboot happens. Here it is:


We came across multiple reports that say the restart happens when the device is taken off the wireless charger, usually in the morning.

Many complainants explicitly confirmed they are aware of the Auto Restart option (Settings > General Management > Reset > Auto Restart) which allows the device to reset after a set interval, saying the reboots they are facing is not inline with this setting.

I am set for auto restart once a week and last night probably was the auto restart. But the others weren’t and when I went into the member app there was a report waiting for me to send

Seems to happen in the middle of the night. Auto restart isn’t on. The phone is off waiting for me to put in my password showing the android P logo. It says phone rebooted, please enter password

Complaints about device crashing and then restarting or rebooting can be seen on both Samsung US (1,2,3) and European forums, suggesting these random reboots are neither limited to any region nor specific to Snapdragon or Exynos models.

One user from the US revealed they got the device replaced thrice over this issue, but all the units were affected with the problem. Here’s what exactly they said:

Verizon sent me THREE different S10’s, all with the same issue. It has to be a widespread issue. I did all the troubleshooting they suggested and its still not working. Sending them all back and waiting for an update from Samsung or for the Note 10

Aside from these, we also came across reports where users reported getting the following error: “Modem Crash Dump. Don’t touch anything for 10 minutes.” Following are screenshots related to this scenario (tap/click to view full size):



If you take a look on Reddit, you’ll find a large number of threads that either talk about Galaxy S10 series random restarts, reboots, or crashes. Following are some:

Galaxy S10 rebooting constantly, no auto-restart feature
byu/Bearwhalebandit ingalaxys10

Modem Dump Crash
byu/BeerMonsteruk ingalaxys10

S10+ crash after 2nd day of usage
byu/HyperBaka ingalaxys10

byu/maluman ingalaxys10

My S10 just crashed.
by ingalaxys10

Upload Mode : CP Crash
byu/vuthasear ingalaxys10

Does anybody use dual SIM on 4G/VoLTE? Keep restarting
byu/PowellPut ingalaxys10

S10+ keeps crashing?
byu/Kyerio ingalaxys10

As you can see, most reports are from users with either the standard Samsung Galaxy S10 or Samsung Galaxy S10 plus (S10+), but just because we didn’t come across reports from S10e users doesn’t confirm that device is immune.

Moving on, as it stands, it’s hard to say whether or not all these use-cases are related, and what’s the root cause of these problems. But given the amount of complaints we came across, it’s reasonable to say the Galaxy S10 reboot/restart/crash problem is for real.

Most users who reached out to Samsung either got technical assistance or got a replacement device (both of which didn’t solve the problem in any case). We’re keeping a tab on the matter, and will update the story if and when Samsung give an official word.

Have you been facing any of these issues? If yes, hop into the comments section below and share your experience with us.

Update (April 4)

A user contacted Samsung support regarding the issue. According to the reply from the support executive, not only the OEM is aware of the bug, but also they are going to fix it with a future update.

byu/Geldn1r from discussion

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