Community management is a complex phenomenon. I want to emphasize specifically the case online communities, where everyone is just a virtual entity.

The typical definition of society and/or community is known to us. The user hierarchy is instated to form the top-down moderation approach. It is easier to locate, warn and (if required), banish a rouge member from the clan.

However, things are kinda complicated when we are talking about online forums. Due to the technological advancements, one can conceal their true identity and dodge the ban hammer.

Yes, there are some rules you need to follow!

Moreover, automation tools and vulnerabilities in trust chains make things a cakewalk for people, who don’t want to follow the methodology.

Forgive me, I really don’t want to convert the daily dose of OnePlus news into a session for discussing social engineering. But I have to bring the topic first before discussing the status of Pie update for OnePlus 3 and 3T.

In one of the older daily dose article, we highlighted that impatient forum users were trying to leak information about the closed beta of Android Pie for the OnePlus 3 duos.

The thread was quickly moderated

However, once the flood gate was opened, it became increasingly difficult to control the users. Just after the eligible users got the closed beta build, the leak rain started.

Hydrogen OS Pie closed beta on OnePlus 3T

The Chinese OnePlus forum, rather the OnePlus 3 and 3T sub-forums in particular, are currently cluttered with random threads on the leaked builds.

The same hapless situation propagated to the global OnePlus forum as well. Since the OxygenOS builds have leaked, the moderators are having a hard time while trying to keep the forum in shape.


The mods even put up a sticky thread regarding the messed up scenario.

There have been many threads and posts on the “leaked closed beta Pie build” for the OP3/3T.

There is no real way for us moderators to be able to control the leak or posts with links to the build on the forum. All we can do is give you this advice:

A closed beta, is the same as any beta. Its a testing build and will have issues.

Embracing the age-old saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, they addressed the community:

The links being given may encourage you to flash a build when you do not know what the known issues are, no way of reporting said issues and also no way of knowing best way to downgrade your device.

Also, if you go through the unfortunate event of bricking your device whilst flashing a leaked build, then guess what, no unbrick tool available. Enjoy your paperweights.

So if you are going to flash, understand the risks.

Well, the leaks are not contained in the forum. Those leaked builds are floating around multiple public forums and user groups.


Of course we don’t share the download links, but interested readers should take a look at our article about the new features introduced in the OnePlus 3 / 3T Pie update.

The new Recents menu in Closed Beta Pie builds

Meanwhile, OnePlus US and Canada team has started an interesting forum game. Dubbed as OnePlus Investigates, the game encourages users to ask questions about smartphone industry.

Ask us the hardest smartphone industry related question you can think of (or an interesting one that you’re too lazy to google). We’ll pick 3-4 to answer in the following post.

If the question asked by a user is featured, he/she will get $20 USD voucher from OnePlus team.


Visit the forum thread to participate.

On the other hand, Amazon India is giving you an opportunity to grab a free OnePlus 6T. Well, obviously there are some conditions. ?


Yes, you read that right! All you need to do is download the download app and sign in with your credentials.

The contest will end on April 23, 2019 at 11:59:59 p.m. (IST). Only Indian citizens can take part in it.

Don’t worry US readers, as we have got something for you as well. T-Mobile and OnePlus USA is giving away a shiny OnePlus 6T “equipped with 600MHz lowband”.

Head over to the giveaway website and try your luck!

Let’s finish it up for today, shall we?

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