OnePlus News Daily Dose #13: China Unicom 5G, probable 21:9 screen, MWC goodies and more!

Kudos to Mobile World Congress, this Monday is not moronic at all! Pandora’s box has been opened and tech companies are not shy to flaunt their latest innovations.

I can not help but notice something fascinating in this year’s MWC: Qualcomm is everywhere. Their custom silicon cores are powering foldable phones, automobiles, IoT – even robots. Every major smartphone OEM is boasting about 5G, and none other than Qualcomm is powering the modem.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau’s interview with USA Today was a part of our previous daily dose of OnePlus news. The news agency got a chance to take a look at the prototype 5G phone by OnePlus but due to the heavy protective casing, they were unable to extract any information.

Now that MWC is live, OnePlus brought the prototype in front of the attendees. Thing is, the phone is guarded like a vault!

As you can see, the phone is covered with a protective case – only a fraction of the screen is visible.

Here is another picture shared by OnePlus Community Consultant dsmonteiro. The phone is kept inside glass box at the MWC booth.

Tap/Click to zoom

Curious about the contents on the screen? Allow me to help you.

Remember the new web portal launched by OnePlus?

Users can share their thoughts on the 5G revolution on the site, which will be shown in Barcelona!

Yes, those are the shoutouts from that portal! Here is another closer look (thanks to dsmonterio):

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Is it just me or you can also notice the uncanny resemblance with Sony Xperia 1’s 21:9 super tall screen, at least from this angle?

OnePlus officials are in no-spoiler mood though:

No kidding!

Meanwhile, Pete Lau is so much excited with the cloud game streaming on the OnePlus 5G phone via 5G network.

In case you need to recall, Pete hinted that they would be showcasing the capability of the 5G network as well as the phone by cloud streaming Ace Combat 7. The game is part of the long running Ace Combat franchise of Bandai Namco.

dsmonterio talks about cloud gaming on the prototype at MWC

Based on combat flight action genre, the game packs huge textures for its stunning visuals. For the sake of comparison, the PC version of the game requires minimum 50 GB free space.

And here we go, do the math:

It’s also worth noting that the game only had 20MB of data installed on the handset, with the rest of the content streamed over 5G, with no lag or latency issues experienced during our time with it.


Sounds incredible, right?

On the other hand, OnePlus took the responsibility to ‘educate’ community members about 5G and discuss about it.

Pete confirmed that the first OnePlus 5G phone would not be coming to the US due to compatibility reasons. In Europe, OnePlus already tied up with UK’s EE and Finland’s Elisa.

Now it’s the time for China. China Unicom is collaborating with OnePlus to bring one of the first 5G smartphones in China.


China Unicom is one of the largest cellular service provider by subscriber base in world. OnePlus announced about the collaboration in their official Weibo account.

Translated using Google Translate

Pete has quoted the comment, and suggested that 5G rollout in China is progressing fast.

Translated using Google Translate

Allow me wrap things up. See you tomorrow!

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