OnePlus News Daily Dose #11: MWC live reports, 5G talks, Android Auto bugs and more!

MWC 2019 is almost here and OnePlus fans are keenly waiting for the upcoming 5G phone from the Chinese OEM. In fact, OnePlus is at the focus of the 5G hype after Mi omitted 5G radio from Mi 9.

We already know that at least UK’s EE and Finland’s Elisa will carry the 5G OnePlus phone in European market.

At this moment, we can easily speculate that OnePlus uses Qualcomm’s first gen Snapdragon X50¬†5G modem inside the phone. The next generation Snapdragon X55¬†has been released less than a week ago, thus it is impossible to use it with the prototype in MWC 2019.

Moreover, X50 only supports¬†TDD frequency bands. In USA, T-Mobile opted for FDD for most of their 5G deployment. As a consequence, the first 5G phone from OnePlus will not work properly with T-Mobile’s 5G network.

Speaking of the MWC event, OnePlus has proudly launched a new web portal. Users can share their thoughts on the 5G revolution on the site, which will be shown in Barcelona!

They have also added a new section in their official forum named ‘5G’ and posted a live report thread. OnePlus¬†Community Consultant¬†dsmonteiro¬†is maintaining the thread. He will also be in Barcelona to attend Mobile World Congress.


I presume many of you are saving hard to get a 5G phone and boast it. Long term followers of other brands are probably thinking about a switch in this transitioning era.

Don’t worry, OnePlus UK has got you covered! They have started a hilarious event in Twitter where users need to share their breakup stories.

Before you spill your coffee, let me clarify – breakup from other smartphone brands! The luckiest one will get a shiny new OnePlus 6T.

I must admit, some of the replies are dope!

Go on! Try your luck!

OnePlus 6T houses a 3700 mAh battery, which is an improvement from 3300 mAh of OnePlus 6. Both of them support OnePlus exclusive¬†5V/4A 20W fast charging which can go up to 5V/6A 30W (“Warp Charge 30”) on the¬†OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition.

There are situations, where you still may need more juice from your phone. ZeroLemon is an accessory maker, who are particularly popular for creating huge battery packs to fulfill such needs.

The company has announced a whopping 7500 mAh battery case for OnePlus 6T. They even provide an extra USB output port in the battery case, which can charge another device at the same time.


The case is fat and ugly, but don’t forget the¬†140% increment in battery capacity. Remember that the case can’t utilise the fast charging tech of OnePlus, thus limited to standard 5V/2A.

The weight of the case is 7.4 ounce/210 gram, including the battery. You need to spend $59 to grab it.


Moving on to the bug bash round!

There is this peculiar bug regarding Android Auto with Renault cars. After upgrading to Android 9 Pie, several OnePlus users noticed that the display of their R-Link navigation unit became pixelated.

The Android auto does not work with my Renault car. The application on the car starts but is pixelated and very show. After 1 minute, the screen fixes and sometime, stop on black screen. This phenomena only appears with one plus phone

I have the same issue with a OnePlus 6t. This is really a scandal, it makes one of the main selling points of Renaults media system useless. I don’t if it’s Renault or Google who is to blame here, but this neeeds to get fixed. Especially since it seems to affect all upcoming phones.


It seems that the issue is widespread and not limited to OnePlus phones. Google Pixels are also victims of this glitch.

Fortunately, Android Auto team has acknowledged the issue. The symptoms are known to them and they are working hard to fix it. The team may need some data from the affected users for diagnosing.


Allow me to wrap it here. See you tomorrow!

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