Tumblr user convicted of child pornography only gets a slap on the wrist

Himanshu Arora Himanshu Arora Jan 12, 2019 News, Tumblr

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Although there are other speculations, Tumblr’s official reason for banning all things adult on its platform was the discovery of child porn.

Now, some say Tumblr already knew about this kind of illegal stuff on its platform for years, but chose to ignore it until Apple booted out the Tumblr app from its App Store. We are not sure how true this claim is, especially given that the company has been tipping law enforcement about such people time to time.

Whatever the case, child pornography is illegal and people found involved in it should be dealt as strongly as possible. And whether actions came in late or on time, whatever Apple and Tumblr did reflects this bottom line.

Now, whenever a person gets convicted for a child pornography-related offence, it is expected that they will get a strict punishment given the nature of the crime. But there are times when judges surprise everyone with their decision. One such case has now come to light.

A former public information officer with the Columbus Division of Police (Ohio) managed to avoid a real prison sentence thanks to the judge who handed a light punishment. Judge Mark Serrott said Dean Worthington will serve 90 days in jail and a fine of $5,000. If Worthington fails to pay the fine, he will serve 180 days in jail.


Worthington agreed to be involved in downloading child pornography on his mobile phone and uploading that stuff on his Tumblr blog. He was, however, remorseful of whatever he did.

I’m trying to think of a word that would describe the sorrow that I have of what I’ve done and the fact that I’ve contributed to this crime — it’s indefensible — I can’t believe I contributed to the victimization of those kids

Although the probation department had recommended prison for Worthington, the judge decided against it. As for the reason, here are the relevant excerpts from a 10TV report.

He said based on the fact Worthington has no prior convictions, none of his victims were physically harmed, he showed genuine remorse and that his ex-wife came to his defense made him a better candidate for jail

Serrott suspended a 9-year sentence for Worthington on the condition he fulfills the judge’s orders which includes no internet access and no communication with minors. In addition, Worthington must go through sex offender treatment while in jail, go through alcohol counseling, give urine screenings and must not consume alcohol

It’s worth mentioning here that it was Tumblr which tipped the law enforcement about this person.

What’s your take on the matter? Do you think child pornography, due to which Tumblr has imposed a blanked ban on adult content, should be dealt so lightly? Let us know your reaction in the comments section below. Meanwhile, here are some comments from others on the matter:

Un-freakin’-believable. I say if he violates this probation, the freakin’ judge goes to jail with him. These kinds of decisions are a travesty

Yet again another CPD officer gets a slap on the wrist . If a citizen were to do that , They would have served a long jail time . #NoTrustInCPD!

For real, pretty much the only litmus test is, “Will you let pedophiles go free?”

This is bullshit. No real jail time because he is WHITE & a POLICE OFFICER. Justice really works

This is not right! Police officer or not!! He deserves the same punishment as anyone else! This judge is a joke

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