Google Pixel 3 ringtone volume very low, some users say

To put it mildly, there already are multiple issues plaguing Google’s latest flagship series of phones. And adding to the string of the currently know problems, another irritating glitch has now caught our sight.

Case in point: Ringtone volume is reportedly low on Pixel 3 devices.

The matter, despite being chimed by Pixel 3 users across different online discussion platforms since the beginning of this month hasn’t been highlighted till date. Going by user reports, the device’s ringtone volume specifically is low in comparison to other media, which causes them to miss calls.

Affected users have also confirmed the problem continues to exist despite the November update. A quick rush through the following selection of user comments will give you a better idea about the problem being discussed:

I just got my Pixel 3 (have a Pixel 2 also had a pixel 1) and I concur, the ring volume is significantly lower, unacceptable really, of all things to be bad, my phone’s ring volume is too low. I compared both phones next to each other and there’s a big difference. All other media sound quite nice though.

Just got my pixel 3 yesterday and today I noticed quite a few missed calls. Set all volume settings to highest, but the ring is barely audible. YouTube and games are loud and clear, but incoming calls can barely be heard even when phone is in my hands.

The pixel 3 ringtone volume is very low. But the videos and other songs play well.

Agree this issue exists with the Nov 5 2018 Update as well. This is observed on Google Pixel 3 device. (Not sure whether this issue exists in Pixel 3 XL).

Some of the complainants even shared what the customer service or tech support told them:

Spoke with customer service and they confirmed those sounds are only played through the bottom speaker (with other audio – eg, youtube – using both).

This should be fixed with a software update, we just need to be loud enough about it (no pun intended).
If you can, contact customer service (settings > tips > contact us) and they will add your report to a list. They said it will be sent it off to “the engineers” once there is a certain (unstated) amount of users with the same issue.

My pixel 3 is brand new and the ringtone is very low. I chatted with tech support and he wanted me to remove the protective screen that was applied by the verizon staff. He said that Google suggest only using their protective coverings so why do you not inform one of your main vendors of this. UGH. 1300 dollars for a phone that you cannot hear when someone is calling.

Apart from Pixel User Community, the matter is being discussed on Reddit as well.

Pixel 3 ringtone volume very low? from GooglePixel

Considering the proliferation of complaints, we hope Google addresses those affected soon. Rest assured, we are keeping an active tab on all related development and will update the story as and when anything newsworthy comes to our sight.

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