Samsung working to make DeX connections wireless

Samsung DeX, as most of you might already know, is a platform offered by the South Korean company that allows some of its recent flagship smartphones to provide a desktop computing experience.

In layman terms, you can connect your Samsung phone to a monitor and enjoy access to your phone in a desktop mode, complete with keyboard and mouse.

The platform was launched last year (early 2017), and now works with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Galaxy S9/S9+, Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy Note 9, and the Galaxy Tab 4.


While users of S9 series, S8 series, and Note 8 phones need an accessory like a DeX station or DeX Pad to enjoy the DeX desktop experience, if you have a latest offering like the Galaxy Note 9, all you need is an HDMI adaptor.

The following video demonstrates DeX on Galaxy Note9:

So it’s good to see Samsung making improvements to DeX connectivity, doing away with DeX station or Pad in favor of something as handy as an adaptor.

However, it’s still all wired. Can’t DeX connections be made wireless?

If you have been wondering about this lately, let us assure you that aren’t alone. In fact, someone recently brought up this query on one of the official Samsung forums. Here’s what exactly they asked:

Having to plug in a cable is better than the old docking station, but still not as good as wireless. I can’t see any reason why this is not possible with a chromecast/mirrorcast adaptor. If the only purpose of the station/Adaptor is to transmit the video/audio, then the station/adaptor is unnecessary

A genuine question indeed. So a Samsung forum moderator forwarded this query to the concerned department within the company. And yesterday, came a response from Samsung developers.

Developers at the South Korean tech giant say they are working on a wireless connection option. Following is their exact response.

We’ve had some feedback from our devs. regarding this. The good news is that they are working on a wireless connection for DEX but a few improvements need to be made first, so presently, there isnt a timeline for the implementation of this


So you can see while it’s pretty much confirmed now that a wireless DeX mode is being worked on, there is currently no timeline as to when the feature will arrive.

An easy guess would be along with the next Samsung flagship smartphone, but who knows.

Anyway, it’s good such a feature is being worked on, as it will add more convenience to DeX usage. Rest assured, we’ll update you as and when more information on wireless Dex surfaces.

Meanwhile, you can learn more about Samsung DeX by heading here.

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