Future Samsung smartwatches may include these improvements

A couple of improvements that Samsung may include in its future smart wearable devices – especially smartwatches – has come to light.

The information regarding these changes came in form of feedback from developers at Samsung, who were responding to feature requests made by users of existing Samsung smartwatches.

These users posted their query on the South Korean company’s official EU forum, and were then forwarded by forum moderators to developers.

The first query was from a Gear Sport user who wants the screen of the wearable to stay on during swimming. Here’s what they exactly asked/suggested:


Why cant the screen stay on when swimming?

Its annoying that I cant just glance at the watch to see how many lengths I have done. It also means that I have to press the pause button twice (once to activate the display and a second time to pause) at the end of a set. Its also annoying that the swim app does not track sets.

I have been told by support that its not possible to get the display to stay on but I cant be the only one that finds this very frustrating. Is there a way to submit feature requests (I have plenty of other issues I would like to see fixed)?

So far I have been very underwhelmed by this watch and wish I had got another Garmin device.

And here’s the response they received from Samsung:

To save battery life, the gear turns off if there is no user interaction (bezel, touch) for a certain period of time. If the LCD is turned on continuously, it will consume more battery and hence shorten the time it can track the user’s exercise.

For future wearables we will keep this suggestion in mind (we have also been tuning “wrist up” to detect wrist up more faster during exercise)

Moving on, the other query was related to the step count that Gear S3 shows. Here’s what they exactly asked/suggested:



I don’t wear the gears s3 while jogging because I use a different running watch. But I have my mobile with me.

So the steps made during running are recorded in S Health, but not on the Gear S3.

At the end of a day, my watch says that I still have to do some steps to reach my goal. Even though I have already reached largely my goal in S Health. That’s a bit frustrating.


In S Health it is possible to sync the steps of the mobile and the Gear, so that you can see the total amount of steps on your phone.

Is there a possibility (other than wearing two watches during jogging ) to have the total amount of steps (mobile and gear) also on the gear?

If not, I think that would be a great option.

And here’s the response they received:

We are currently exploring ways to implement the feature suggested for future wearables

So there you go, if you have some feedback or suggestion regarding a Samsung product, you should share that with the company on its official forums. If it has potential, you never know the company may implement it in their future products.


PS: If you are using Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch, and are facing issues with step counter and/or heart rate sensor, these are known issues. Head here to read more.

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