Facing issues while redeeming Galaxy Note 9 promo? Here's what to do

Update (September 21):

You can read about existing Samsung Galaxy Note9 issues and problems here.

Update (August 31): Samsung has provided a way for users to check the status of their Note 9 Turn Up Your Play pre-order promotion. Read more about it here.

Update: While the Galaxy skin offer is available to users around the world, the VBucks offer is only available to Galaxy Note 9 users in the US.

This was revealed by a Samsung forum moderator on the company’s official European forum.

Regretfully the VBucks offer is only available to customers in the USA, therefore you won’t be eligible for the discount if you purchased the phone outside the US. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause

Original story follows:

As most Samsung Galaxy Note 9 fans may already know, pre-orders for the device (placed between 8/10 – 8/23) are eligible for some freebies.

These include AKG noise canceling headphones or the unique Fortnite Galaxy skin with 15,000 V-bucks – or both for $99.

To redeem this promotional offer, you need to first register for it through your new phone (detailed steps – including video guide – here).

However, what’s now coming to light is that many users – who placed their pre-orders well within the 8/10 – 8/23 time window – are facing issues with this process.

Complainants report the error they are getting says they are not eligible for the promotion.

Is not working for me, for some reason it says that I am not eligible for that promotion even that I ordered the note 9 at samsung.com on the 17 and received it on august 22. I never received an email confirmation.

I am also being told that I am not eligible through the app.

Yes i have this same problem, its as if the promo code for the bundle has expired even though the device was pre ordered? Need help with this one too

Some users are facing other issues as well:

I ordered mine on the 8/14 and got my phone on 8/22. I didn’t receive my fortnite promotion

I picked the the option to buy the two offers for $99 and I was approved but when I try to make the purchase the store is charging me $448 instead of $99.

I payed 99 extra for the bundle on the preorder, but for me to activate the fortnite thing needs to be after 14th september, when i came back from the trip. will I still have it?


Thankfully, a Samsung forum moderator has cleared the air on the matter.

They informed complainants that in order to redeem the promotion, they should receive an approval email first, which should ideally happen by this weekend.

They also shared what users should do if the email doesn’t arrive by Monday.

Hey guys, after a bit of research and speaking with our promotions team we’ve gotten a bit more information for you. You will not be able to redeem the promotion until after you receive the approval email. This email should be received some time this weekend. If you do not receive this email by Monday afternoon, follow the steps that Mae provided above and we’ll be happy to look into this further for you

Following are the steps the moderator is referring to:

Hey guys, if you are having this issue too, I would be happy to look into the issue further for you. Could you respond in a private message to http://bit.ly/2JH2rq2 with the following information?

First/Last Name

Phone Number

Email Address

Physical Address

Place of Purchase

Order #

The same forum moderator also posted details on Fortnite Galaxy Skin redemption. Here’s what they said:

Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 users are eligible to redeem the Galaxy skin after playing three matches of Fortnite on their device. Users should allow 24-48 hours for processing. Once the user’s Galaxy skin is available, the user will receive a gift box in Fortnite containing the outfit. For more information about redeeming the Galaxy skin, please refer to the instructions within Fortnite or www.samsung.com/us/galaxyskin.

So there you go. If you are facing similar issues while redeeming the Galaxy Note9 offers or discounts, now you know what to do.

Do let us know if still face problems or issues.

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