Google Play throwing 'DF-BA-PDRC-14' error while making in-app purchases

What’s with the in-app purchases made on Google Play Store lately? After last month’s order cancellation mess (which was due to a glitch at Google’s end), now Google Play users are encountering DF-BA-PDRC-14 error which renders making payments impossible.

Over past couple of days, Google Play-related transaction failure complaints have blown up, and reports can be seen across their help forum (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30), and other online discussion platforms.

Take a look at what users have to say:

I’m having issues about Paying an in-app Product using MasterCard. I have money in my Card and it is Valid but i can’t seem to buy a product in any App. It keeps giving me a “DF-BA-PDRC-14” Error every time i’m trying to make a purchase.

I’ve attempted to use in app purchases on multiple apps and each time the error code DF-BA-PDRC-14 comes up and the transaction fails, despite having enough in my Google play balance, having topped up with gift cards just 3 days ago.


Some of the complainants who got in touch with support shared that it happened because their accounts were suspended. Thereafter, support unflagged their account, but that offered only a temporary relief. After making a payment or two the problem/error bounced back again.

I was able to call to call Google Pay Support to get around the issue of the [DF-BA-PDRC-14] ERROR that has been plaguing people with their purchases. I would call and they would ask their specialist to UNFLAG my account. But after making 1 app purchase via Google Play, my succeeding transaction(s) will encounter the same error and will have to loop again into requesting a call from google.

I have been hounding them about it and calling their customer service support since yesterday. they will temporarily allow the flag to be taken off your account. then flags you again after your next purchase. It’s a RIDICULOUS System… having to wait from 1am to 5am in a span of 2 customer service calls and 15-30 min waiting periods each just to allow 1 transaction and being locked out again. Now GOOGLE wont even call me back. And disabled the “call me ” function request on my page.

Spoken to support, they said account was closed because of suspect activity, submitted the info to get in reopened, they denied it. Whats worse is that they didn’t blocked the part when i added my funds, so now I lost that money, terrible support by google just terrible…

The only way to fix this is to call google support. They do a one time fix. It does not last. Managed to get one payment through after they said they fixed it. Noe im stuck with the same problem ad before.

The same thing occurred to me yesterday. Had to finally call their support and after 1 hour on the line, they removed the error from my account. But one purchase later and it’s back again! More and more people will have to keep complaining to google until they finally fix their crap.

Google made aware

Looking at the proliferation of reports, one of the Google forum Top Contributors escalated the matter, soon after which came a response from a Google employee. They suggested the affected users to troubleshoot, informing that the error is related to rejected transactions.

Here’s what they said:

This DF-BA-PDRC-14 error message is related to rejected transactions. Please try the troubleshooting steps below if you are experiencing this issue.


But sadly, even the suggested troubleshoot steps did not help as confirmed by many of those affected.

Since then, no followup has been done and users continue complaining. We hope Google takes a look into whatever is troubling those trying to make in-app purchases on Google Play, and do the needful to fix things up (if the glitch lies at their end).

Rest assured, we are keeping an active tab on related developments and will update as and when anything news worthy shows up. So stay in touch.

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