Bullet Wireless stock situation not handled properly, OnePlus acknowledges

Update (August 21): OnePlus has confirmed that Bullet Wireless will be back in stock next month. Details here.

Original story follows:

OnePlus’ highly hyped and awaited product Bullet Wireless went out of stock within minutes of opening of its sales, irrespective of the region they were launched in.

Obviously, many of those excited about buying the latest wireless headphones were disappointed (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) for they were not able to get hands on the product.

The company somehow managed to change gears, bringing back more units in stock repeatedly over the weeks (1,2,3,4,5). But that too didn’t last long.

And continued the same old story of users complaining and requesting OnePlus to replenish the stock so that they can at least order a pair.

Apparently, from day one OnePlus has been underestimating the demand of Bullet Wireless, for they go out of stock with in minutes of being announced back on sale. And users continue to word their disappointment across different help forums.

One of the users on the company’s official help forum tried wording the current situation with Bullet Wireless saying

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless are like a delicious cake on a storefront. The only problem up to this point is that the store is closed.

All this while, OnePlus was quiet regarding the shortage of wireless headsets. But now changes the picture.

OnePlus says they aren’t satisfied

A couple of OnePlus staff members recently addressed complaining users, acknowledging that even the company is not satisfied with how the situation is being handled.

One of them said:

Tbh inside the company, we are not satisfied with the current situation either, although it has been improved.


Another one added:

Personally (all opinions my own) I believe the Bullets Wireless situation could have been handled much better – the challenge was largely people on different teams having divergent yet strongly held ideas on how to handle stock issues. That’s for us to iron out in the background, just sharing some behind the scenes context.


Good to see that OnePlus is at least being vocal about something they feel they could have handled better. But if you think this is going to change the situation overnight, sadly, that won’t be the case.

As can be seen in the first screenshot, the staff member also mentioned that

Things will be better, however it always takes time.

So the current Bullet Wireless shortage scenario is likely going to persist. But for how long, that we can’t comment on. We hope the company comes up with a better strategy or at least fasten the production process (if need be), so that those still waiting can be entertained soon.

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