Of late, OnePus 6 users have been encountering Spotify Music-related issues, wherein the app reportedly pauses/stops playing music randomly. In addition, with the device screen locked, the app’s notification card doesn’t show up, and one has to launch the app in order to access the paused music.

A quick rush through OnePlus’ official help forum reveals that there are many OP6 users complaining (1,2,3,4,5) about Spotify’s glitchy behaviour. Similar reports can be seen on Spotify Community, Reddit, XDA and Twitter as well.


Users say…

Take a look at the following user complaints to catch hold of the issue in question:

After some time of use, the notification controls disappear and I have to control the music by opening the app
– The mini-bar showing pause/play control and song name while browsing the app can start the music but not pause it. The only controls that work are the full screen ones
– Sound goes to speaker when unplugging wired headphones and/or bluetooth headset instead of pausing
– The music just stops randomly by itself, and when going into the app, it’s paused.

I’m having the same problem with my OP6. The song will randomly pauses for a few millisecond and play and pauses and play and pauses and play very often and randomly. It is really annoying. And even unlocking the phone also pauses the songs a few millisecond..

First, when I skip 2-3 songs the picture freezes and the title gets stuck, the music keeps playing but I can’t read which song it is. Also the playback notification only works some times, most of the times it doesn’t show even though everything is turned on.

Sound stops after 3 or 4 Tracks, so I have to close and open spotify several times or restart the phone.

So I’ve had continual problems with Spotify lately. No notification bar or lock screen access an even my Buds can’t interact with the audio control any more.

I can play music. However, it doesn’t not show up on my lockscreen nor my status bar. I cannot change song etc.

Though some of the OnePlus 6 users are blaming recent OTA updates, there’s lack of clarity whether it’s the device or the app that’s causing the mess.

As of now, nothing has been said by either OnePlus or Spotify, and the reports continue to escalate. Since it’s not clear who’s at fault, we hope both the device manufacturer and the app developers take a look into the matter, and do to needful to fix things up or at least come up with a statement to address those affected.

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