[Updated] Google Home 'Continued conversation' sees a rough launch

Update (July 30):

Still the same.

Update (July 05):

More reports (1,2).

Update (July 01):

Google is asking those affected to share feedback presumably to get a better held on the issue. They say:

The Google Home team are still investigating the issue with some users not being able to use the continued conversation feature and it would help if you could let them have feedback about this using the Google Home app as shown below.

All users experiencing this are requested to recreate the problem and immediately afterwards submit feedback from the Google Home app as described below and include the keywords “Continued Conversations Not Working”.

Original story:

The just arrived ‘Continued conversation‘ feature of Google Home series of devices offers the ability to naturally converse with Google Assistant, without having to use the hot word (‘OK Google’) for activating the device for every subsequent query or command.

But the functionality has had a bumpy arrival, for it’s not working as intended, at least not for all.

Google Home and Mini users are chiming across different help forums (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) that Assistant doesn’t respond after the initial query. Users report that the device’s lights go out after executing the first command or listening to the next one. Meaning, they still have to use the hot word every time for activating Assistant for the next series of commands.

While many are yet to receive the feature in question on their Home devices (reason being gradual roll out), a significant number of those who already have it are also complaining it’s not working for them. A quick glance at the following user comments will give you a better picture of the glitchy behavior:

I checked several times today to see if I had the option to turn on continuous conversation, and this afternoon the option had finally appeared. I turned it on, and my Google Home does not allow me to keep asking questions. The lights go out immediately after it answers the first question and does not respond to any additional questions. I even rebooted the Home and after that didn’t work, toggled the option off and back on. Still nothing.

I seem to be having the same issue. Rebooting and turning that feature off and back on do not help. My mini answers my question or command and then stops listening like always.

I am having the exact same problem. Continuous conversation is on. After the first command the GH continu to listen but doesn’t execute the second command.

I set the language to English (US) and turned on this feature as well. It should works technically, right? However, I can see the 4 white lights on after I sent a command. I thought it working but no. It has no any response after I sent the 2nd command and just turned off the 4 white lights. And I found that I still have to say “Hey or Ok Google” again before I send another command. It’s pretty useless tho. It looks like working but it’s not actually.

Don’t worry, Google is aware

What’s appeasing is that following user complaints, came a statement from one of the top contributors on Google Home Help Forum informing the affected users that the matter is being looked into.

The Google Home team are aware of this and currently investigating.


Also the best answer marked by the same top contributor on a separate thread discussing the same issue reads:

Continued conversation is currently in the process of rolling out and seems to be having a few hiccups. The time needed for it to actually turn on has varied from almost immediately to up to an hour. Additionally, even when it is active, it doesn’t always work. Please check this topic for more information regarding that. As of posting, we are currently trying to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t along with possible fixes.


It’s worth mentioning that though the feature has only been rolled out for Google Home devices in US, the ‘Continued conversation’ option is reportedly being seen by users in other regions as well, which has raised the confusion. Meanwhile, the top contributors have been giving the following statements (which are seemingly contradictory in nature):

Please do note that just having US English as the language does not guarantee this will work in countries outside the US. Its only been launched in the US. – June 24

The Google Home team are currently investigating the continued conversation feature and if it is expected to work outside of the US. – June 26

So currently, there is lack of clarity about the feature’s availability, but it’s indeed broken. As the Google Home team is already investigating, we hope they figure out the glitch soon and come up with a clarification. Rest assured, we’ll keep you posted as and when any further development takes place.

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