[Updated] Android Auto to get better dual SIM support, type-to-search also on cards

Update (May 01):

Google has confirmed that a new Android Auto feature dubbed ‘Passenger mode’ is also being worked on.

I can confirm that “passenger mode” is something that we have on the roadmap.

Though there are no official details available about the feature yet, going by some of the comments on this thread, it seems the functionality will allow the accompanying front seat passenger to control AA as well.

Original story:

Google, like any other technology company, happily welcomes user feedback so as to improve their products and offer better services. In line with this, the company has now revealed some upcoming Android Auto enhancements. Lets take a look at them one by one.

Better dual SIM support

Hey Android Auto users, get ready to welcome aboard an improvement that will allow those using dual SIM smartphones to change SIM preference at run time. Meaning, you’ll no more have to pre-set the SIM from which phones calls are to be made, rather you will be able to make this selection while dialing a call.

The confirmation on this came from a Google employee on Android Auto user community while addressing a complainant. Here’s how the concerned user explained the case:

Please bring better support for Dual SIM phones. This is a big deal. We (Dual SIM) users can’t make calls using Android Auto as the phone is prompting a hard prompt on which SIM to use. If we could just tell it what to use, that’d he fantastic. Like “call Joe mobile with SIM1” or something like that.

Following that the Google employee said:

Although I can’t comment specifically on timing, I can say that this is definitely on our roadmap… we recognize the need for better dual-SIM support, and you’ll see a solution for this down the road.


Type initial words for quicker contact search

While it’s relieving that Google recently added the ability to browse complete contacts list on Android Auto, what about the case where one has a very long list of contacts?

Well, some Android Auto users pointed the same case, and requested for the ability to scroll through as well as do a T9 (predictive text) search. Here’s what the same Google employee said while addressing their requests regarding type-to-search:

As for adding the ability to search via a keyboard, we’re looking at ways to give users the ability to type a few letters, but not full search. The reason being that, especially while driving, typing on a keyboard isn’t the safest thing to be doing!


Interesting, right? We hope Google incorporates these features in their in-car infotainment system soon to give users the desired experience.

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