Backup and Sync v3.41 out, fixes OK button and overlay icon issues

Users of Google Drive and Google Photos’ common client Backup and Sync have been chiming about a couple of new issues plaguing the application for almost a month now. While Google hasn’t been vocal about the problems – as they hardly acknowledged any of them – what’s now coming to light is that the client has received a new update bumping the version from 3.40 to 3.41, bringing along the fixes for the bugs being reported.

While Backup and Sync’s official release notes page hasn’t been updated by the company yet, a Google employee Alex F confirmed the release of the client’s latest version on Google Drive Help Forum saying

This (Backup and Sync v3.41) has been released and is currently available for download. The release notes have not yet been updated.

We can also confirm that the update is up for download.


Now lets take a look at the problems it has resolved.

Issue with resetting Preferences or syncing new folders fixed

For some reason, Preferences were glitching out while resetting (like in case of changing folders for sync) as instead of saving the changes when ‘OK’ was clicked, the button either became completely unresponsive or did nothing in context of the given command. The problem reportedly affected both Windows and MacOS versions of the client.

The following user shared short clip showcases the OK button issue:

A quick rush through the following selection of user comments will give you more clarity on the matter:

I’m trying change the Back and Sync preferences on 3 computers. One is running the latest version of Windows 10. One is a Macbook Pro from 2007 with El Capitan and the other is a Mac Pro from 2010 with High Sierra. All are up to date, as are the apps (as far as I’m aware). All 3 computers have the same problem: I cannot save changes to the Backup and Sync preferences. I click ‘okay’ but the dialogue box won’t go away. I’ve already tried disconnecting my account, etc. and nothing really works. It’s incredibly annoying! I don’t know what else to do. I’ve also tried opening preferences when the Backup and Sync has fully synced, when it’s paused, etc. but no luck

Happening to me on a Win10 PC. Restarted backup&sync but it still won’t let me save folder preferences

I have several folders in google drive and no problem for the access via web.Recently I have problems using Backup and Sync for Windows and OS as well:90% of the folder no problem, but I cannot connect some of them. I mean that I can select the folder I want to synchronise but I cannot press OK for confirmation. It happens both with Windows and Mac OS.

I’ve added selective folders to sync to desktop several times, but I’ve hit a snag: when I try to add others now, I click “OK” after selecting them and nothing happens at all. I’ve quit and re-started the tool but still it’s as though it will not recognize the command to start syncing the selected folder. Any ideas? Thank you!

This is happening for me as well. I can no longer click ‘OK’ (not grey out – seems like a bug) after I select a new folder to selective sync. If I un-select the file I just selected, I can then click ‘OK’, and the dialog box goes away. None of the folders (no matter the size) will sync.

But that’s not the case anymore. The current update has resolved whatever was causing the issue, as confirmed by Alex on multiple threads addressing (1,2,3,4) the problem in question.

This has been resolved in the latest version (3.41). You can upgrade manually or wait for your client to be upgraded over the next few weeks


Overlay icons and context menu glitch resolved

Apart from the aforementioned issue, users were also complaining that the green tick marks that get stamped on the files/folders which have been successfully synced to the Cloud went missing. It ended up confusing the users as to whether a file/folder was synced or not.

Not only that, even the context menu (the one that shows up on right clicking on a folder/file) was nowhere to be seen. Both these issues reportedly affected only Windows users. Take a look at how some of those affected word the problem:

The green ticks on my Google Drive icons are no longer visible, so that I do not know if files have been synced or not. I have not made any changes to my computer (Windows 10) and the sync and backup processes are working fine. I have even reloaded Sync and Backup and signed out / in again, but still no green ticks.

Doing the same for me on a new Surface and HP running Windows 10 Pro. Shows same behavior on Surface Pro with 8.1. Have tried reinstalling, checking box in preferences, etc. Files sync fine, just the green checks are missing, so I need to manually verify dates.

Version 3.40.8921.5350 on windows 10 confirming context menu link sharing and icon overlay are both gone on my system, too.Please fix.

I’m in the same boat, Version 3.40.8921.5350 and green checks and context menu options are gone. This is a very recent development. All relevant options are checked and I cycled the options just to make sure. Nothing changes no matter what I do. Windows 10 Home 64 with latest updates.

Here’s what Alex said while breaking the good news about the fix to those affected:

This issue has been resolved in the latest version. You can download the latest version at any time or wait for your client to be updated over the next several weeks


Client uploading unwanted stuff

Another issue was related to Apple Photos Library, where-in the client doesn’t ignore the thumbnails despite de-selecting the “Back up Apple Photos Library Metadata” option while uploading to cloud.

Issue 3: Mac only
Backup and Sync does not ignore thumbnails and other generated images for iPhoto libraries even if you deselect “Back up Apple Photos Library Metadata”

The sole user who complained about this on Google forums got a quick revert back from the same Google employee calling the matter fixed with the update.

Issue 3 should be resolved in the latest version of Backup and Sync (3.41)


It’s worth mentioning that the aforementioned problem was called fixed with the release of the client’s v3.39. But looks like things glitched out later, which Google has now fixed again.

To conclude, Backup and Sync’s latest update (just like the earlier ones) has brought along fixes for multiple issues. Quickly upgrade to the latest version if you are facing any of the problems discussed in this article. Do let us know how it goes.

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